Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wine wednesday: red truck

My hubby introduced me to Red Truck wine 
10 years ago when we were dating.  
In fact, he introduced me to wine, in general.  
{one of the millions of reasons I love him}

It wasn't that we were at a fancy restaurant and we ordered an expensive bottle of wine...I remember Red Truck being a bottle he whipped out and we enjoyed at his place while playing cards together and talking late into the night.

That is Red Truck.  A cheap red, very casual, with a fun label.

To reminisce I had to buy a bottle...

Now that my palette is more advanced I can say I have moved on from Red Truck's very mild taste...but if you are new to reds, as I was, this may be a good "beginner red."  There is not a whole lot of bite to the taste; however, it has fabulous "legs", a fun, country label, and goes down smooth.  

Easy to down {careful, girlies!}...with no headache!

Pair it with a meaty lasagna or meaty conversation 
with your favorite friend {or love!}  


  1. I love the "Truck" wines pink especially!

  2. Love the Truck wine! (Ok, so I buy it completely for the cute labels... ;)


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