Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{day six : two things you want}

***Note: I am currently doing a 7 day blog challenge, where I blog based on writing prompts from this post***

I want...
2.  ...to be more mindful.  Being a notorious planner I feel like I am always looking forward to something, and never just focusing on where I am in the present moment.  Then when the event I've been planning for and anxiously awaiting finally arrives I tend to be a little let down.  I want to just be satisfied with where I am at...not continuously trying to fit more in and get more done.  I think many women are like me and try to "do it all."  While I love the things I do, I am many times exhausted at the effort I put forth to do so much.  I find it very difficult to just be.  To live in the moment and delight in every little thing.

2. ...my son to grow up healthy and happy.  I pray for this every single night.  That he grows to up to be a strong man, both in body and in his convictions.   That he knows the Lord.  That he lives life to the fullest.  That he is kind.  That he makes smart decisions with his time and money.  That he chooses a career he is passionate about.  That he doesn't date until he's thirty {half kidding.}  That he still calls me to talk when he is forty.


  1. I think about number 1 all the time. I am like that to a T. Having a baby does make you slow down just a bit, though...which is good.

  2. i have some book suggestions about mindfulness that i've personally found to be really helpful, if you're interested. :)


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