Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{family photographs}

My mother used to torture us with family photos.  
We didn't have the money to have our photographs professionally done, so every summer we used my dad's trusty Ricoh to record history.   Mother would style us and pose us for several hours until she had enough good shots to adorn our home for the year.   My older brother barely smiled in any of them because he hated the experience so much.  My sister and I were made to wear matching outfits {despite our five year age difference} and matching hairstyles.  She despised this, while I loooooved looking just like my cool older sis.  My photogenic and easy-going little brother always just looked cute.  So annoying.

Here are some examples of such photographs...

Okay, the first one is NOT really an official family photo.  I think this might be a regular Christmas Eve photo...but you get the idea.  Plus, you can see real examples of the four of us on the wall in the background:

Oh, perms and poufy bangs...I do not miss you.
Despite the torture, I am so, so, so glad my mama took the time to do this.  The photographs are treasures.  Even the awful ones.  {case in point: the year she made us take them during our annual family camping trip.  we are all in flannel.  not good.}

I decided to continue the family tradition and take yearly family pics.  Sorry Baby Cormac...but the torture begins now.   I have lots of crazy prop ideas.   I probably will never do matching outfits, though.
Here are this year's treasures:

Here's to new traditions and embarrassing family photographs...
cherish them always!


  1. Ahhhhh....so sweet. :) Good minds think alike. (See Mack's 6 month post)

    My mom was big with the family photos, too. So that is probably why I am crazy with the camera. Oh well. :) Don't think you would ever regret taking too many photos!

  2. Love them - old and new :) At least Cormac will have no such bangs to perm or pouf - lucky for him! (((sigh))) Who needs larger-than-life hair with those big ol' cheeks anyway - just wanna squeeze that little cutie patootie!

  3. I LOVE them. You guys look great!! Your little man is so handsome :)
    P.S. I had the same permed hair and poufy bangs!

  4. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.


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