Friday, November 18, 2011

{let's paint a chalkboard!}

Oh painted chalkboards, how I love thee!
And oh, how easy!

1. Go to Goodwill and find ugly, cheap art with glass insert and a frame that you like.
Ignore the condition of frame and ugliness of art.
(I paid 4 dollars for this 16x20 solid wood frame!)
2. Remove any inserts but do not discard. 
3.Clean and sand rough edges {if wood.}
 4. Paint frame desired color. Use several coats. 
 I used this olive green that I already had a sample of in the basement. 
You can also distress with sanding and antiquing stain, 
if you like that look and are crafty like that.
I'm not.
5. Paint the glass with chalkboard paint.  I did four coats.  I prefer actual paint vs. spraypaint for this project.  You can get a can for $15 at Lowes.  It will last you forever.  You probably can make about 50 framed chalkboards with it.  Another thing would be to first paint a coat of magnetic primer so that it can be a magnetic chalkboard.  A can of that is $20 at Lowes.  I was too cheap/broke to buy that this week.

6. When everything is dry, put your chalkboard {very carefully!} back in the frame, as well as any inserts you removed that will help hold the glass in place.

7. "Season" your chalkboard before using by taking a piece of chalk and rubbing long-ways all over the board.  {My apologies for not taking a picture of this!}  Then wipe away dust using a dry cloth.

8. Hang in desired location and write on your board!  I put this one in my kitchen for now...just in time for a UK game watch get-together!
 Who knows where it will end up though...
probably not outside, like in this photo:

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  1. I have a minor obsession with chalkboards. We have 3 painted chalkboard walls in our house. I also have a huge chalkboard on our dining room wall...and pretty much pick up a chalkboard every time I go antiquing. :) Very cool! I never thought about painting the glass!


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