Thursday, November 10, 2011

{day one : seven things that cross your mind a lot}

***Note: I am currently doing a 7 day blog challenge, where I blog based on writing prompts from this post***

1. My baby. Okay, I know I said I would be blogging about something besides my baby...but this one is a given. I stay at home full time to care for this little person. It's an investment, so I put in a lot of effort. I think about how he is developing, his sleep patterns, his eating schedule, new things we can do that will be stimulating for him.  I used to have a lot of time to think about myself: how I look, where I should go out this weekend, whether to do strength-training or cardio at the gym, and where my next vacation will be. Now those things all take a backseat to thoughts about the baby.  I have no idea when I'll get to the mall next to buy a hot new outfit.  I have no idea when I will fit {like I used to} in said "hot new outfit." I have no idea when I'll get to try that new restaurant or go on a movie date with my husband. What I do know is that I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy who is dependent on me. The other things are fun and lovely when they happen, but don't seem that important anymore.

2. Minnesota.  I miss my home state.  I miss the lakes, the clean air, the frigid winters {yes, even those} the farm I grew up on, my family, camping trips to the bwca, the "uff-das" and the "yah sures" and the church potlucks with the hotdishes galore.  I love that I have lived in different states and would be completely open to moving to other states and even other countries.  But my heart and soul will always be in Minnesota.
3. Food.  I try to eat healthy...but I love food.  Not fancy food, necessarily...just food in general. I catch myself looking forward to my morning coffee, bagel and yogurt.  I scour the internet for restaurants with interesting cuisine that I want to try {you know, on all those nights out I get now that we have a baby...} I will sometimes chug a Red Bull in the late afternoon just so I can have the energy to try cooking a new recipe.  My idea of the perfect night is great conversation, a bottle of wine, and some very simple, very good food.  

4. Tomorrow.  They say you should live for today.  Enjoy the moment you are in.  I am not so good at that.  I am always planning, plotting, dreaming of what I can accomplish in the future.  I make lists of goals, long-term and for the very next day.  I love to physically cross things off these lists.  It gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. 

5. Time.  I am very schedule-driven. I watch the clock like  a hawk.  I appreciate things occurring at their regularly scheduled time. I'm very punctual. I like to be early for things.  Except things that you really should not be early parties.  Parties you should always be late.  {Believe me, the host appreciates people not arriving early or even right on time!} But I digress.

6. Mortality.  I often wonder how I will die.  I'm not exactly scared of death, but I would prefer to live a very long life. I also pray constantly for the safety of my husband and baby.  Morbid, right?  

7. God. What I mean is, I pray a lot. In my head.  Out loud.  While I drive.  While I'm brushing my teeth.  While I'm listening to my baby cry while he learns to self-soothe.   I pray that I make it to the end of the day with my sanity.  I pray that I can savor the happy moments. I pray that bad moments pass by quickly. I pray, as I said, for my family.  I pray for those that I know are hurting.  I pray that they pray, too.  Sometimes praying is honestly the only thing that gets me through the day...and I can't imagine not having that peace.


  1. Very nice post! It sounds like a fun project, I can't wait to read your next ones. And BTW, you will be fitting in those old clothes in no time! Though, I can't lie and say that somethings just probably won't ever be the same, but hey those are the warrior marks of being a mother!

  2. if you ever feel like "talking death" with someone else, i'm your girl...!


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