Wednesday, December 14, 2011

some firsts...

'Tis the season for lots of baby "firsts." 
We decided to start getting Cormac used to eating solid mushy foods, so a couple weeks ago we started him on cereal.  I thought he would be quite gung-ho about it, 
considering his bottle makes him quiver with delight, 
but the very first time eating from a spoon was, well,
{sorry for the poor picture quality -- bad light and no matter how I tried to edit these they look as bad as that rice cereal tasted.  Because yes, I tasted it.  Blech.}

Okay, so maybe solid foods didn't start off so well...but I assure you that now every morning he eats his oatmeal with gusto!  Plus, I don't try to give him so much at once.  Hey, it is a learning process for both of us, right?

Another first:  first time going to the mall to meet Santa!  I swear, my baby boy does enjoy some things.  He does smile.  He just needs to, um, get used to things first.  Unfortunately, Santa had many other babies to make cry, so there was no time for him to warm up to Old St. Nick.  Plus, we weren't paying customers.  I stood behind the "paparazzi guardrail" and snagged a few shots of Santa looking jolly and Cormac looking cranky, like this one:
One final first: Baby Mac endured his first time going for a brisk run in the jogging stroller...well, at least without screaming and crying.  Hurrah!
Here's what has *this girl* making her cranky face -- wrapping presents.
Buying presents is much more fun than wrapping them.
Anyone have any tips to get me motivated?

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  1. Mack took his first trip in jogging stroller, too. Mama wasn't jogging, but it was still fun! And he is really looking forward to visiting Santa this weekend!

    Take a look at all the unique ways to wrap gifts! :) It got me motivated.


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