Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{be resolute}

I think of all the New Year's resolutions 
to be made right now and my head starts to spin.  

Of course I want to be healthier.  Of course I want to be more organized.   Of course I want to be a better wife and mother.  And on.  And on.

It is enough to make a girl throw her hands up and ask the heavens, BUT HOW?!?!  They are such broad and lofty goals!  I realize I am the type of person who needs I need baby steps.  I need a precise plan of attack.

This year I resolve to be more resolute.  That is, wholeheartedly commit myself to something concrete.  I will commit myself to the following three manageable, attainable goals:

I will drink 3 bottles {or more} of water per day.  Formerly I barely drink any water...unless you count that which is in coffee. I would fill up my Nalgene in the morning and it would sit on the kitchen counter all day, untouched.  It's so big. That's soooo much water! I would think and ignore it.  Even when I would go to the gym I would usually forget my water.  So now I am toting a smaller {less bulky, more portable} bottle around with me wherever I go.  So far I've drank at least three each day, some days five or six.   My pregnancy prepared me for all the peeing I'm doing now.

I will take a nap every day.  I never did much napping...and I should.  I clean and plan and run and push and play and entertain baby...and by the end of the day I am not the most fun person to be around.  Hubby would always ask, "Why don't you take a nap during the day?"  Others would advise, "Sleep when he sleeps!"  Ha, I would think, my head buzzing with all the tasks I wanted to check off my list.  But something has to give, and since Baby takes 3 naps a day I resolve to dedicate one of those to napping myself.  Well, at least for 30 minutes.  Power nap.  This should help with the whole "be a better wife and mother" thing. :)

I will get my abs back.  I have never had a perfect body {no one does...except maybe Gisele} but my tummy was one of the parts of my bod I especially liked.  Also, I felt really great before and during my pregnancy and mostly now I'd like to get that feeling back -- of health and strength! And flat abs.  Sigh.  I have learned that even if you had a hard, flat tummy pre-pregnancy it will not stay that way.  You have to work back to it.  I remember being visited by an in-home nurse a couple days after delivering my baby boy in July, listening intently to everything she had to say, but then grabbing my "baby belly"and asking her -- "Okay...but when will this go away????" I was sort of trying to be funny {post-labor attempts at humor are always a hoot} but she took me seriously.

Her answer sticks in my mind even today, "Well, that is up to you."  
In other words: Be resolute.

So my plan is to cut out carbonated beverages completely {goodbye for now, my precious Red Bull!!!}, as well as cut out sugary snacks.  Thankfully I'm not a big soda drinker and have never had a major sweet tooth.  But every little change helps. Plus, I'll continue to run and have started doing strength training again at the gym.  Oh, and crunches.  Lots and lots of crunches.

Well, time for a nap... :)


  1. What a lovely post! I always found sleeping during the day completely GORGEOUS!! I do it whenever I'm tired. It feels like a real treat!

    Have you tried using a grown-up hula-hoop? I found it really useful after I had a C-section when I had my twins. My muscles were stretched beyond belief and it was rally good at getting them back at the sides too.

    But I bet you look GORGEOUS!!


  2. Ahhhh....abs. That better be Month 2 Resolution for me. :) Plus, don't know if you have had any neck or back pain with baby, but that should go away too!

    Lucky. I want a nap. Maybe I should propose a nap room for my office.

  3. Be resolute....I love it! You will accomplish your goals doll! I better be seeing u at the gym!

  4. i agree with your friend above^ -- hula hoops are awesome for abs! so is pilates! :) and you're totally right about cutting that sugar... i *do* have a sweet tooth so it can be quite tough, but thankfully honey is a delicious, much healthier substitute!

    ahhh, naps ~ bliss. :P i'm making myself go to bed earlier, & have also noticed my end-of-the-day crankiness decrease!

    hehehe, that pee comment is so true!! i go through a bottle every period at school, and always have to sneak out to use the restroom... thankfully i can trust these kiddos! ;)

    GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR GOALS!! i have no doubt you'll be successful!! xo


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