Friday, March 2, 2012

french breakfast puffs {aka: sugary, donut-y goodness}

It's almost the weekend -- hurrah!
Plans include: 
  • date night {with sweet friends watching over baby!} tonight to celebrate Hubby's 31st!
  • Mimi and Mustache {hubby's parents} coming to visit, hang with Baby Mac, and then get some delish Mexican food Saturday night.  {keeping with the M theme...Margarita for Mama, perhaps???}  
  • Game watch on Sunday with Nana and PawPaw {hubby's other parents} -- gonna get Cormac all decked out to cheer on the UK Cats!
  • Baking...something sweet???

I'm no baking genius...but made these recently, and they were easy and delish.  You know, if you like buttery, sweet, cinnamon, sugary awesomeness.  

Recipe found here, a la PW.

All I can say is that Baby Mac needs to get older so he can help sample my forays into the baking world.  Pretty sure I ate more than my fair share of these.
While I don't have a huge sweet tooth, on the weekends please gimme my breakfast sweet, and my coffee black.

Much sugary-sweet weekend love to you!


  1. Yay for date night!! We have one tonight too. Counting the minutes until the sitter arrives at 6:15. It can't come soon enough.....

  2. We have date night tonight too. It cannot come soon enough! Counting down the minutes until the sitter arrives!


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