Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{eleven months}

We are on the verge of our first mama-baby road trip.  I am beyond excited...and petrified.  Twelve+ hours in a car with an infant....an infant who hates the car.  Yet, I am still pumped for our adventure together.  First of many summer trips to see Grandma and Grandpa in Minnesota!

He is now a full-fledged walker!   This makes me so happy because we are headed to my parents' farm and I can't wait to see him toddling around exploring the same places I did as a little girl.

He eats pretty much anything that is put in front of him.  I am not a picky eater either so this makes me happy.  I have never been overly concerned about food allergies, and so far, so good.

He's a lounger.  Whether he is in the carseat, the jogging stroller, or his high chair, the kid manages to slouch down and literally kick his feet up on anything.  He always looks very chill when sitting...which is about the only time I can describe him that way.

Weighs 21 pounds.  Not sure where that is on the percentile chart but he looks healthy to me.

Personality is definitely social.  He has a smile for everyone.  Always.  Also, very vocal.  Will scream and laugh and babble constantly.  A bit of a temper at nap time, diaper time, or anytime he has to be constrained.  Also has been blessed with mama's crazy facial expressions.
Still only four teeth, and way fewer "teething" spells.  Mama and Dada are enjoying the break.

I didn't have time to officially edit Cormac's eleven month photos.  When I do I will add them to this post.  Which might be never.   However, are the "rough" versions...

Yeah...kind of happy to be done with these monthly photo shoots.  Except for his "one year" shots...but hoping to do things differently for that one.  Still too cheap to shell out any money for professional shots, but maybe I'll actually have an assistant for the next shoot and we'll go outside.

This kid doesn't like sitting still on a chair, I've learned that much.

Or sitting still at all.

Minnesota bound -- homeward bound.

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  1. Road trips are so much fun. And so tiring. ;) Let me know if you are free ever when you are here, and the Mac / Mack's can play.


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