Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{hydrangea, etc.}

Hydrangeas are by far my favorite summer bloom, so I am very happy they are back in full force in my flower beds this year, as last year did not bloom at all!  Anyone else have this issue with 'endless summer' hydrangea plants?  Also, anyone have experience adjusting the soil acidity to create a different color of hydrangea?  If so, I'd love advice as next year I'd like to try this -- and go for a bright blue hue! 
Here are some shots of my very pink hydrangeas, along with a few other garden lovelies...

coneflower ready to bloom!

one purple coneflower has fully bloomed so far...many more to come!
'may night' salvia is going strong
buddha keeps the perennial peace

What is blooming in your garden?


  1. those are beautiful! I love hydrangeas too. We have some of the pretty blue ones but my goodness I am loving the pink!!! so pretty.

  2. Oooh! The pink hydrangeas are so pretty! We have white ones we planted last year, but they haven't bloomed yet. I love them, too.

    Other than that, it is all about the veggies! I gotta get some perennials planted sometime here!

  3. Beautiful pics!!! I'm hoping to have a hydrangea either the end of this year or next year {whenever we get our landscaping project done}. Our local garden center has two different 'plant foods' to change the color of them but I can't remember which is which. But they are soooo beautiful!

  4. So pretty. No green thumb here. I got nada.

  5. I looove hydrangeas! They are my favorite also, I've been wanting some for my front porch but I'm afraid I will kill them! You have a much greener thumb than me. You should teach me a thing or two.


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