Thursday, May 10, 2012

we have a walker!

For weeks I have been insisting to our friends and family {and anyone who will listen} that my ten-month-old Cormac is nearly walking.  Then the little guy would take a few over-zealous steps and tumble to the ground rather unimpressively when I would try to prove this statement.  Or worse, slump to the ground in a fit of tears and refuse to show his new moves at all.

However, this weekend was a turning point.

He now can walk all the way across a room before collapsing into one of our embraces - or to the ground.

The lady at our church's playroom even confirmed, when I asked if he had "tried to walk" at all, that, yes, "He is a walker!"  

Trying to catch this amazing feat on camera has been challenging, to say the least.  He is less of a "walker," more like a "runner-then-tumbler" - moving too fast for me to ever hit "record" on time.  I have about a million videos of him careening to the floor, rather than walking.

So here are some still shots.  My only proof that, yes, we have a walker.

Wow -- look at the focus and sheer determination on that face.

I can't lie.  Watching this boy develop and turn into a walking, talking 'human bean' has been the most incredible, fulfilling experience of my life.  I'm sure all parents can feel like you are witnessing a miracle every day.

Oh, and he started picking his nose.



  1. I'm so proud! I'll miss the hold onto something and try to stand dance. Yay Mac! Also node picking can be very rewarding :0)

  2. Stephanie BerwaldJune 13, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    Great Job Baby Cormac!!! Now if only my 13 month old will walk!!! You should teach her how!

    1. She'll get there!!!! :D They all seem to go at a different pace...

  3. You're excited now, but just wait. He will getting into EVERYTHING soon! It's fun to see them start running too!

  4. Yay, Baby Mac!!!! :) Hahaha. Love those facial expressions.

    My Mack will hold onto a walker and take a few steps, but I am guessing another month or two for him! Heck, he didn't crawl til 10.5 months! ;)

    1. I'm sure he will catch up quickly!!! :D Cormac will show him some moves soon. :)

  5. it's so funny as he is so little!!! watch out now!! he'll be into everything!


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