Thursday, July 12, 2012

one year ago: out of breath, ready to pop

One year ago it was my due date.

We were very {im}patiently awaiting the arrival of our little boy baby.

We were ready physically.  We were ready emotionally.  We were ready financially.

But we were not really "ready."  How can you be ready for an experience you have never had before?  The experience of parenthood is one you cannot fathom until you are actually, physically holding that new little life that you created.

Only in that moment, and then in the difficult, beautiful, sleepless, wondrous, draining, exciting days that follow the birth -- only then do you know what you are in for.
Our lives, and our very selves, are 100% different today than a year ago.

Strangely and beautifully different.

Here I am, my only video during my pregnancy, just hours before I went into labor.   I am breathless.  I am excited.  I am....exhausted.  {you can tell!}

I feel the same way today.
Excited, breathless,  and utterly exhausted.
Tomorrow we have a toddler.  Officially. 
We love you, sweet boy.


  1. Oh, they are still a baby for awhile, right? ;) My Mack gets to be a baby until he starts walking. Hehehehe.

  2. what differences a year makes (every year to follow, too) and everytime it's an overwhelming, happy feeling to celebrate them... Happy Birthday to your little sweetness!


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