Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 secrets

I love writing prompts.  If you didn't know, I was an English major with passion for writing even a casual 'call to write' sends my mind spinning and my fingers typing.

Found this link-up through my blog friend Tanya, so I thought I'd give 'er a whirl.

Today's prompt: Ten Secrets.

I am not going to take this incredibly literally, as, ahem, a lady must have some secrets that remain secrets.

I will, instead, share some little things I don't ever tell people, because they are slightly embarrassing and they would never come up in normal conversation.

1. In fourth grade I got in trouble for stealing change out of people's gym bags during a grade school basketball game.  I also stole an egg of silly putty from Hallmark.  Never got caught, but felt guilty for years!

2. I enjoy show tunes and sing them on a regular basis.  I have all the Rogers and Hammerstein musicals memorized.  Thanks Mom.

3.  Grilling and using power tools gives me an odd feeling of empowerment.

4. My fifth grade "boyfriend's" mother hated me and referred to me as "a pill."  I don't think she meant a good pill, either.  Now that I have my own son I can empathize with her hatred.

5. I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians - it makes me miss my family, even though my family is not even remotely similar to the Kardashians.  It also makes me want to have a bunch of kids.  That feeling passes quickly.

6. The only time I have ever had panic attacks was when I was briefly a high school English teacher.  I had one every morning right before I left for work.  This explains why this career was so brief.  I mean, you can only have so many panic attacks before you say, "Um...this isn't working out."  Pretty proud of myself for finishing out the school year, though!

7.  I sometimes eat an entire frozen pizza.  {and yes, I keep it down.}

8.  I've always wished I was a redhead.  I feel it would suit my personality very well.

9. I used to try to teach my little brother to sing and play basketball.  I was extremely bossy about it.  Which is weird because I am fairly horrible at both singing and playing basketball.

10.   I cry during every birth scene on A Baby Story.  Every single time.

What "secrets" would you deign to share?


  1. Thanks for linking up! I once stole a frozen pizza (kinda by accident though), but likewise I can eat one whole. Funny!

  2. Good secrets! I have always wanted to be a redhead too! I wish I could dye it red but I know it wouldn't look good. I feel like we brunettes have so few options!

  3. When is the Baby Story on? Why can't I ever catch it? I almost cried hearing the words "birth scene."

    And I love the Kardashians as well. ;)

  4. I can relate to many of those. I also cry any time I see a baby born. It is crazy stupid, but it must be ingrained in us. Love me my show tunes and wish I could have been a Broadway star. If only I could dance. Or read music... I think I could probably eat a whole pizza too, but most frozen pizzas suck (in my personal opinion.)

    Awesome post. Looking forward to reading more!

  5. I totally cry when I see a baby born. Even more since I've had my own! I'm a blubbering wreck when it's on tv! Unless it's on a show when they show the lady giving only one push and the whole labour is over!!..then I'm just one big, indignant 'PAH!!'


  6. OMG Baby Story gets me everytime!! Did you ever watch One Born Every Minute--it was so good, but equally emotional. I can also eat any entire frozen pizza by myself--love a good 4 Cheese Freschetta! Thanks so much for linking up! Can't wait to read your loves next week :)


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