Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8 fears

What scares me?  In reality, not a lot.
But most fears are not based on reality.

Eight fears...
  1. spiderwebs - I've freaked out many a time after running into a spider web.  I immediately think the web had at least three spiders on it that are now stuck in my hair.
  2.  heights - I don't like looking down from high places, or looking up at really tall things.
  3.  the possibility of someone hiding in the shower, waiting to attack me - I check it every time.
  4. small spaces - my older brother once {twice? thrice?}locked me in a trunk when I was little.  Not cool, bro!  
  5.  kidnappers - I assume every stranger may be secretly plotting to kidnap my child.
  6. scary movies - I will not watch them.  My imagination is too active.  Thanks, but I'll pass on being paranoid for the entire next day after watching one. 
  7.  car accidents - I was in several when I was younger and I still have flashbacks.
  8. tickling - I was tickle-tortured constantly by the aforementioned older bro as a child, and it left me with a major tickle fear.  Sometimes I will just imagine my husband tickling me and I will freak out.  I would rather have you punch me than tickle me.  In fact, I have punched people for tickling me.  
Or just punch ticklers.

(Sorry this post was a quickie, 
but I have LOTS of packing to do!)

Linking here again...

Be brave, my friends!


  1. I HATE being tickled, too! I claw at Jeremy's face and spit. ;)

  2. I love punching fear in the face! I am only scared of when my dad would tickle me. Strike that will tickle me. Not in a creepy I am a grown woman sort of way, but the way that I will always be a little kid to him.

  3. Haha I hate being tickled too! It's awful! Shame on your bro for locking you in a trunk on more than one occasion--that would have been so scary. Thanks for linking up!


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