Thursday, August 9, 2012

mama confessions: share some, maybe?

My son is starting to show signs of, well, an attitude.

Case in point: playing with his Cookie Monster counting toy.
He loves this toy, although not really the way it is meant to be enjoyed.
Usually he just wants to try to eat the plastic cookies himself:

mmmm...snot and plastic cookie.
Meanwhile, poor Cookie Monster waits, open-mouthed, for someone to answer his pleas: "Cookie, please!" 

 Cormac is really good at opening Cookie Monster's backpack and retrieving the cookies.
But then things sometimes go awry.  Like he abandons Cookie.  
Or, worse, tries to violently force-feed Cookie.  

Cormac: {grabs Cookie Monster's plastic googly eyes and tries to rip them off of his blue fuzzy head.}

Me: {look of concern} Oh, no, be gentle to Cookie Monster.  

Cormac: {stares me right in the eyes and continues to yank the eyeballs up and down violently.}

Me: {shocked and sad face} Don't you think that might hurt poor Cookie Monster???

Cormac: {continues to look me in the eyes and then starts ramming his arm down Cookie's throat.}

I decide he is just trying to get a reaction out of me, as my face is very expressive, so I change tactics by laughing and make Cookie Monster "eat" his hand, with gusto.  Cormac laughs, too, and moves on to a different toy.

This is only one example.  He has taken to chucking his sippy cup across the kitchen, rather than placing it neatly in its holder on his tray like he used to.  A simple car ride can be a complete scream-fest.  

I am a little surprised these tantrum issues are coming up when he is barely a year old...
but I was a pretty defiant child, so I'm sure I'm just beginning to get my comeuppance. 

I'll leave you with this Sesame Street video, which my "little" brother showed me {along with many other gems} during our family camping vacation last week.   It makes me smile, especially when I think of my little guy trying to gouge Cookie's eyes out.  (Twisted, I know.)  I think I've watched it about twenty times.  It makes me wish I worked for Sesame Street, so I could be in a video like this.
I would like to be cast either as a flash mob dancer, or the guy playing the xylophone.



  1. Oh my gosh! This makes me so happy. ;) Sorry. hahaha. Yes, Mack throws his sippy, his food, his paci, whatever he can. He also started throwing full tantrums, complete with screaming, hitting things, throwing himself on his stomach, and pounding the floor. How cute. ;) Hahaha.

  2. just wait . . . it's great when they are around age 3!

  3. i love parodies like that, they make me giggle! haha, have you seen the elmo one too? i think it's hilarious... but i'm easily amused.


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