Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sweet somethings : labor day weekend

1. Messy hair and lots of cuddling.
Something about holiday weekends makes you just want to relax, hang out, and avoid any normal obligations.  Oh, and spend lots of time lovin' on your fam.  Like this guy:

Oh my - he does completely look like his Dad...except for the eyeballs.
Those are my blue eyeballs.
Okay, so go ahead and call me a bad mama, but this kid is a total climber and every time he sees a step stool he goes for it!  So this time I let him and grabbed the camera...just 'cause he seemed so proud of himself...
2. Naps.  
I almost never nap and I actually took several this past weekend.  This signifies the start of football season...my favorite napping background noise.  Oh, and I like the tailgating, beer drinking and food eating part of football season, too.

3. Birthday celebrating!  
We went out Saturday night with a group to celebrate a gorgeous and fun friend of mine.  Wish I would have taken more pictures, as everyone looked fabulous.  Plus, Hubby and I got a night out sans baby.  I spilled one cosmopolitan...which signifies me having a good time. :)

 4. Family outing! Lunch at Chipotle and...
perhaps too much chipotle?
5...trip to children's museum large, insane play area
To be honest, the eight million kids who were also there, along with eight million frazzled parents were kinda overstimulating for me...but to see this kiddo have fun running around and playing was totally worth it. 

dada had fun, too
I didn't get any photos of the insane, netted "ball area" because I was too busy looking for where there might possibly be an emergency exit I could escape out of...or a wine bar.

6. Cormac's first Labor Day fireworks
...or any fireworks, for that matter.
Forget Fourth of July.  Labor Day fireworks are the thing where we live.  Our city becomes completely nuts the Sunday night before Labor Day because there is a huge display that happens right on the river.  Everyone is out partying.  This year we were invited to a good friend's house that has a pretty awesome view.  Needless to say, Cormac had a blast.  He ran wild, spilled his milk {like mama, like son} and then when the fireworks started he lay his head sleepily on his Dad's shoulder and watched for about fifteen minutes.  Then he was fast asleep.

A good weekend, all in all.

Much love -


  1. ok can Cormac be any cuter??? He is starting to get that little boy look. No more baby!

  2. Ok really? You guys are the best looking family...ever. What's up with that? ;)


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