Friday, October 26, 2012

the renovation : little sign, big effect

Our house has been address-less for the past few months.  
Not a big deal, unless an ambulance, pizza delivery guy, plumber, or anyone wants to find your house.
Ya kinda need a number.

Might seem a small, insignificant detail, but how you display your house number can add a ton to your curb appeal.
Anyway, we finally ordered our sign.
We knew we wanted one of these classic plaques
that look so nice on many of the historic homes in our neighborhood.
We struggled a bit on color, 
waffling between pewter and antique bronze lettering.
The pewter won, as you can see...
Like my planter?  Both of them were tan when we moved in{see photo below.}  Ah, the power of spray paint. :)

This were our numbers before...SAD!
Much lovelier...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

And just for fun...a couple pictures of my sweet little guy:
he's actually learning how to smile for the camera - so proud!

at the zoo for daytime trick-or-treating.  he is a puppy this year.  Rrrrar!

Speaking of the little man...he's getting a couple days with his Mimi so that Hubby and I can get a ton of prep work done on the kitchen so we are ready for the reno next month.  Oh, and maybe we'll squeeze in a date or two!!!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love the new numbers! I think it goes really well with the style of the house! I was going to have Aiden be a puppy this year (well really wear his Toto costume from last year but turn him into a werewolf) but he doesn't want to put the hat on. However, we have basically a whole fireman outfit that he loves to wear, so I think that is what he will go as.

  2. Ruff, ruff.

    The whole front of the whole looks lovely!

    Have a great child-free weekend!


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