Monday, October 8, 2012

the renovation : pretty pink door

Somewhere along the line, someone who formerly owned our house
  loved pink.
For one thing, the exterior was formerly a pink.
A faded salmon hue, really.

Then, we recently discovered the former state of at least one of our interior doors.

It was white...and pale pink.

We found this out when Hubby removed the door, which was currently non-functioning.  What I mean is that behind it was simply dead space, and drywall, as somewhere along the line someone decided this didn't need to be a doorway anymore.  

So it was just a random door that didn't lead anywhere, right in our kitchen.

This space is actually a blessing in disguise, as it is what our new fridge is going to slide into, so that it can be counter-depth.  It is kind of perfect.

Whenever there are tools involved, particularly sharp ones, this little guy is there to help:

So when the door came off we got to truly appreciate what the previous owner did to restore these extra-tall, solid-wood doors.  He took them from this.... this:
Refinishing these doors was a fantastic investment, at least in my eyes, as they are part of what made me fall in love with the house!

Another look at where the pink door was formerly housed. Oh, and do you spy the small child wielding a screwdriver?  (I'm a really good mom.)
 "Wow, that is sharp, mama!"
 Anyway, here is the doorway with the trim removed as well.  Still have to remove the framing to fit the refrigerator in.  Another weekend, perhaps?

So that is the current {only} project going on in the 'dream home' right now - removing trim (and eventually the fireplace) that is currently in our kitchen, so that the new cabinets can be installed.  Install projection: late November!

Finally, some of our reno dreams will become reality - I hope! 


  1. Are all the fireplaces functioning, wood-burning? Are you removing the kitchen one?!?! NOOOOOO. ;) We love fireplaces. I think my husband would kill to live in a house with 4 fireplaces!

    Mack loves screwdrivers and forks. ;) But sometimes it gives me a few minutes of silence. Hahaha.

  2. I wish me and my husband had one ounce of handyman in us. Alas....

  3. NICE FRIDGE!!! oh and I agree that's an abuse of 1) paint and 2) pink.. loveeee wood they are gorgeous doors


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