Monday, January 14, 2013

{eighteen months}

Happy birthday Cormac - you're 1 1/2 years old!

I've been a mama for a whopping eighteen months.

Cormac, while definitely not without his various challenges, has been a dream.  He is all of what I hoped he'd be {as much as a clueless first time mama can hope for} as a baby and now toddler.  He is:

Active.  The kid doesn't stop moving.  He crawled and walked fairly early...but even better - he did it with gusto!  I love the determined looks he gets on his expressive face when he wants, no needs, to do something.  No stopping him.  This is perfect for me because I am very active and determined as well.

Sensitive.  This one kind of shocked me, but I remember one day I just had had it, and I crumbled to the floor in a mess of tears.  I don't think Cormac had seen me that upset before.  He was about eleven months old.  As my shoulders shook with him a few feet away,  he immediately came over to me and threw his arms around my neck.  Immediately my heart melted, as this wasn't typical behavior from him.  I drew him in for a hug and he let me hold him like that for about ten minutes.  I couldn't believe it.  (I told you he never stops moving right?) I really felt he wanted me to feel better, and it struck me as amazing that a child that young could be that sensitive.  Still holding him, I walked up to his nursery and finally broke the embrace.  When I did, he immediately went to his crib and pointed towards Girry, his stuffed giraffe that is his naptime/bedtime 'soother.'  I reached in and grabbed it, handing it to Cormac.  Immediately he pushed it towards me.  Wanting me to be soothed.  That daywas when I knew I had sensitive soul on my hands, and I had never been more grateful.

Affectionate.  The kid likes to kiss.  He kisses us constantly.  Once he warms up to you he will give you kisses constantly as well.  Sometimes you have to ask.  Other times he just out of the blue plants one {or ten in succession} on you.  He also kisses the dog, all his stuffed animals, my baby belly, and characters in books.  Besides kissing, he will rub my back, give my neck squeezes with both little arms wrapped around, and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.

Super curious and social. Watching him play independently is really interesting now.  Where he will put things is anyone's guess, and the expressions on his face as he tries to figure something out is priceless.  Plus, he got his dada's social nature.  He has no problem going up to random people and giving them a grin.  He waves, blows kisses, and hugs.  I love to see how his sweet nature warms people's hearts.

Here are some photographs of the little man in action over the past six months...and what I believe he is thinking...since I have 'mama-esp.'

"Just forget how dirty my shirt is and focus on my awesome grin!"

"I made you coffee, Mama!" 

"I looooove camping!" 

"I voted, and it was perfecto!"

"I like to eat's so organic."

"Yes, I will make out with this Buddha statue.  What of it?"

"You should see the other guy!"

"Bet you didn't expect a bear in your tent now didya?" 

"I shouldn't be on the counter...but can. not. stop. looking at this tupperware. I know there are cookies in there."

"Why, yes I did just spit-up all over the carpet.  Again."

"Lens cap or teether?  I think both."

"Did you honestly give me spaghetti and expect me not to look like this?"

 "Just try to resist my sweet face.  I dare you."

 "This looks like a comfy spot for a nap.  Or not."

 "Awwww Mom.  Really?!?!?"

"No really...Colbie likes it when I do this."

Other developments in the past six months?
  • Has a total of twelve teeth.  Still waiting on a few!!!  Loves to brush them, though.  Or try.
  • Weighs 24 pounds.  Total lightweight.  Consistently in the 25th percentile for weight.  I used to worry about it, but Hubby and I are not that big of folks, so I figure I will just have little kiddos. Plus, he never stops moving, so I guess he just burns a lot of calories? 
  • Eats a decent amount.  I really have no idea how much 'normal' kids his age eat.  I just give him his food at mealtimes, keep it as balanced as possible, and he eats until he no longer wants to.  Then he is done.  I don't fight with him about eating.  
  • Will play independently for 15-20 minutes at a time.  This makes me happy, because it allows me to get some things done in whatever room/area of the house we are in.
  • Pretends.  Pretends he is a bear, a chef, a professional cleaning person...I love that he already has an imagination.
  • Is finally easy in the car.  Spent the first year being REALLY fussy, so car trips were misery.  Now we can go on road trips and it doesn't have to be his nap time...and errands are a breeze!  Well, you know, with the occasional tantrum.  
  • Talking.  Or not.  The only decipherable words are "mama" "dada" "up"  and "dog" -- the rest of his communication consists of just sounds.   He makes a lot of noises that sound like he is trying to talk.  He has mastered many animal sounds, truck noises, airplane noises, "num-nums" for food, etc.  However, the kid is just not advanced at the whole "talking thing."  He understands most of what I say...he just can't repeat it.  Maybe I should be worried...but I'm not.  He seems pretty smart, despite his lack of talking.  
  • One nap a day - yay!  Takes about a 2 hour nap in the early afternoon. 
  • Sleeps from 8pm to around 7:30am.  Self-soothes to sleep within minutes.  Does not usually wake up, unless he is sick, going through a growth spurt, or teething.  Then we will go to him briefly for comfort.
  • Can walk up steps by himself!  No more of that crawling/scrambling business. Puts his hand on the wall and just goes!  (Walking down stairs is still a challenge, though.)  
He's not perfect.  I will never pretend he is or that mamahood is super natural or easy.  I will never tell him (or you) he is the perfect child...he doesn't need that kind of delusion/pressure.  He throws the occasional tantrum, gets frustrated easily when something doesn't go right the first time, constantly puts sticky fingers in his hair, throws/spills his sippy cup on a daily basis, knows when he shouldn't do something and tries to get away with it anyway, and sometimes whacks me in the face.  That being said...

I thank God every day for such a great kid.  No idea what I did to deserve him.  I treasure every day with him, and pray for another every night. 


  1. sweet, Greta. :)

    Mack is the opposite in the weight dept. He is 57percentile for height and 79 for weight....So we are really concentrating on when he is actually "done" eating. He would keep eating and eating and eating.

    But the paragraph about talking, sounds like you are talking about my Mack. :) Same thing. He has whole conversations using the words Mama and Dadda. I think that is pretty amazing. ;) Hahahaha.

    Happy Birthday, Cormac!

  2. oh my goodness the cuteness in these kills me!! he is so adorable. My favorite is that first picture. Don't you love the sensitivity? Both my kids are always saying I love you to us. It's so awesome to hear that.


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