Friday, February 1, 2013

one year ago : not even a crawler

I came across this video yesterday and my heart melted.  Of course, I've been crying about pretty much everything lately.

Almost exactly a year ago my little boy was only a baby.  An not-yet-crawling, quiet, but ever-curious version of his now-toddler self, dragging his little legs around.  I cannot believe how much changes in just one year.  I cannot believe I will have another one of these precious, chunky little six-month-olds in the not so far off future.

I had my first Braxton-Hicks contractions this week.

It's getting real, folks.



  1. Oh man. It goes even faster the 2nd time around. :( I want to freeze time. I love the newborn phase even more, knowing that she won't be sleeping on me forever.

    6 months is one of my favorite baby ages!!!! What a cutie.

  2. it's so fun that Cormac and emmie are like exactly a year apart! that's exactly where she's at. so close to crawling, just scooting around. I love that I get to look at Mac and think, in a year Emmie will be doing that! CRAZY!!! He's adorable!


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