Friday, March 22, 2013

ikea kiddo table redo!

When I saw this Ikea table "hack" I knew I had to do one for little Cormac's toddler room!

The 'Latt' table and chairs from Ikea are only 19.99, and come unfinished so you can paint them to your little heart's desire.  I love that Ikea started carrying a lot of unfinished products...since I bet a lot of customers got sick of trying to paint the laminate! 

*waves hand wildly and points to self*

Anyway, I wanted him to have a little table for his room, and this fit the bill.  I painted the table with Valspar "Classic Navy" which I bought a sample of, the table top with chalkboard paint that I already had, and the chairs are "Proper Gray," which I also had already.

So the project cost about $22.

And he had fun 'helping' me. 


Please ignore his messy room.  It is currently having an identity crisis as to whether it is a toddler room or a nursery.  And really, the room will be neither.  (In the end, it will be our master bathroom.)  The color schemes are at odds with each other, made worse by the green tiled fireplace.

Buuuuut he looks like he is enjoying himself, anyway.  :)


  1. OBSESSED! Those little tables are usually expensive, $20 is amazing. Baby emmie may need that someday! Love it - he'll get so much use out of it...

  2. I was just gonna say....Lucky guy! Gets a fireplace in his room! ;)

    Cute table. He will have lots of fun doing his "bafts" {boy crafts} there.

  3. Fun project! I love that chalkboard stuff! I put it on Aidens wall and he wakes me up with his drawing on it (our master shares that wall)!

  4. can he be any cuter???? love that first picture.

  5. Oh, that is too cute! And he is just a doll! And that green fireplace is nothin - just ignore it and think of how amazing your house will be when it's all done!


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