Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter joy

Easter Sunday means...
church filled with joy
new life
new clothes
easter baskets
hunting for eggs
reese's pb eggs {that I stash in the freezer and enjoy the entire week...}
wearing sandals no matter how cold it still is
and...a great excuse for an impromptu photo shoot before church...

this expression is why I now have forehead wrinkles

Was a beautiful day.  Sure, the kiddo was sick with a nasty cold.  Somewhat cranky.  Didn't get a decent nap due to a royally messed up schedule.  Spilled on his new white dress shirt before we even got to church.  Kept wiping his nose on his tie.  Finally had to ditch the tie.
sick kiddo ready to gather eggs, etc.
I love how everything about my son is so pale he glows. #mylittleangel

Still - despite the cough and runny nose and crabbiness, had such a great time with family and was, as I said, a beautiful day.

Christ is risen!


  1. Ohhhhh. Cormac looks so handsome in his little shirt and tie! How adorable.

    I totally forgot what it feels like to be that pregnant! How quickly you forget about all that. :) Soon you will have a little babe to hold!

  2. love it! he looks so cute in that pic with his daddy!!

  3. He looks like he did pretty well from his basket there!! What a sweet boy you have :)

  4. Aw, his tie is so cute! Although I can kind of understand the urge to want to wipe my nose on it. I mean, it's right there!


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