Tuesday, April 23, 2013

four websites...and a little mamarazzi goodness!

Every morning I get up {sadly a lot earlier now that we are transitioning Cormac to the 'big boy bed'...but more on that soon...} make my cup of coffee, and settle in at the kitchen island with my Mac to peruse the internet.  
So for this week's linkup with Lauren and Tiffany at Life.Love.Lauren and Austin Family Diary here are my four must-check daily websites...

I'd like to say the first website I check is something really intellectual, but...it's Facebook.  I don't even know why anymore, as I get less and less pleasure out of Facebook, particularly since they started notifying me every time one of my friends breathes.  But I DO love to look at pictures of the ever-changing lives of my family, good friends, and heck, even aquaintances and learn the important news of weddings, moves, jobs, and, of course, babies.

Then I will check my email, which was Hotmail, but now is somehow Outlook.  I delete all the crap and read the one email that looks interesting or is actually personal, then it is off to...

Pinterest!  Gotta obsessively see what is creatively inspiring my friends, and what project/recipe I might actually try today.

Last but not least is Blogger, of course.  I love blogs, just as I love blogging.

Linking here...
The Austin Family Diary
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And here are some mamarazzi shots of "Mac" as he now refers to himself.
Doing what he does.
Always with messy hair.

"Mah, I'm pretty sure this periscope needs to be hosed out."
future fireman/calendar model - Mr. April   

"I love watching PBS Kids at lunchtime with you, Mah.  Actually, I could care less that you are sitting here with me.  And I have no idea what I am eating.  I just keep grabbing and putting in my mouth."  Occasionally he will let out an animal noise, since the show we watch has farm animals.

"Bah-Bahs!  I love bah-bahs!"  
(First time he has been able to blow the bubbles by himself!)

The face I got when I asked him to smile on Easter morning.
"Well, why did the Easter Bunny give me flatware?"

The face I got after I said, "Um, don't smile quite so big for this one." 

And finally, his first Ipod experience.
Which he stole out of my gym bag.

Did I mention one of his first words was "Ipad?" 
Also recently added to his vocabulary - "Int-net"

Hey, don't judge.  He also says "book" a lot.


  1. Hahahaha. Int-net. Funny. ;) Mack said "Daddy cook" on the way home froms school today. And I said, "Mama's gonna cook tonight." And he said, "No, Daddy cook." ;)

    No matter how busy I am at work, I always check my blogs. And pinterest. :) And then I can focus.

  2. ahahaha you had me laughing at "Mac's" first words! And gah I just love Pinterest!!

  3. I don't know about you, but I feel like Facebook lately has become the place for people too lazy for pinterest. I have to scroll through page after page of food postings of 'doesn't this recipe sound great!' to get that brief snippet of news from friends. I am so close to walking away, but there are too many friends that rely upon that for communication and I don't want to be out of the loop....


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