Thursday, July 25, 2013

{how motherhood has changed me}

  • I used to really care what I look like.  I still do - sometimes - like if Hubby and I are going out on a date or we are going to a special event.   But in general I don't seem to have time or energy for that. I exit the house looking bedraggled half the time.  Forgetting makeup, hair in a messy updo, wearing yoga pants and a spitup stained shirt, praying that my nursing bra is in place.  I don't tan anymore - not even a spray tan (and who has time to apply self-tanner???)  When I do put on makeup it is usually with one baby squirming on the floor and another running around my feet impatiently, so it ends up being a rushed, half-finished look.  (Ever put eyeliner on one eye and forget about the other??? This girl has.)  I still want to look good, and I am not at all saying that when you are a mama you just "let yourself go." definitely takes a backseat to a million other things.
  • I used to be extremely selfish.  What I mean is: life was all about me.  How was I feeling?  Was I happy?  Was I getting to do all the things I wanted?  I won't lie - I pretty much thought the world revolved around me.  Now my focus is on two little ones.  Are they sleeping enough?  Are they eating enough?  Are they developing at a normal rate?  Are they happy?  Am I giving them enough attention?  It is funny how your mindset totally changes when you have little ones.
  • I used to live recklessly.  Not that I am some rebel...but I didn't put a lot of thought into the results of my actions.  In my 20's I made choices that could have ended up badly.  I won't elaborate but I can look back on many moments and thank God that I came out okay after each one - whether it be mentally or physically.  I could write some interesting stories.   Now I worry about each thing I do.  You can't be reckless with kiddos.  Your actions affect them.  They see it all.  They hear it all.  They need you.  I worry every time I drive them anywhere.  Every time they leave with their dada and I imagine how awful it would be if it was the very last time I saw them.  I try to be adventurous, yet after each adventure I have a inner mini freak-out thinking about all the things that could have gone wrong on said adventure.  
  • I used to go to bed between 11 and midnight.  Now I fall asleep on the couch at 9pm.
  • I used to get annoyed at the mamas with the screaming children out and about.  Now I am one.
  • I used to work out to look good.  Now I work out to be able to lift a carseat and a toddler at the same time.  Okay, and to look good.  And the endorphins.  And so I can eat copious amounts of ice cream.  Alright, I work out for a lot of reasons.  But, first and foremost - mamas gotta be strong!
  • I used to skip breakfast.  Now that I have a little guy that needs a hearty breakfast I have been making hot breakfasts every morning.  I thought back to my dad making us hot breakfasts every morning before school, and decided Hey, I can do that!   I love it.  The girl who used to get stressed out at the thought of scrambling eggs now slings out breakfast to kid and hubby like a short-order cook.  I even eat some myself!  Progress, people.   
  • I used to drink a normal amount of coffee.  Now I drink coffee whenever I have time to make some - or pass a Starbucks.  No joke.
So those are just a few ways being a mama has changed me.  It will continue to change me.  I welcome the changes, for the most part.  I think motherhood has made me a better person.  Maybe slightly frumpier...but better.  :)

How has motherhood changed you?


  1. Great post. :) Love it.

    But about the coffee....I always feel like I am pouring myself a cup, but then when I go to drink it, it's cold....hmmmmm.

    I used to like to drink. Now I like to sleep. I used to like to stay up late. Now I like to sleep. I guess motherhood has made me appreciate sleep. Haha. And that first moment when you realize you have clean clothes on...right before you she spits up on you.

  2. Amen to the selfish thing!! Pretty sure I used to be the most selfish person on the planet. Now my whole world revolves around the little one.

  3. Being a Mom has made me less self centered but yet I feel more centered in life. I totally appreciate sleep, the smell of little boys and cuddles. I am humbled every day by my kiddo's and they remind me to enjoy the little things. Also they help me learn to be a calmer person but like you said they are watching every thing I do and I want them to be calm people. :)


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