Wednesday, September 11, 2013

nursery decor : finola's gallery wall

I knew when I started decorating this nursery - before I knew whether I was having a boy or a girl - that I wanted a little gallery wall above the crib.
Something pretty simple.
So I gave this 11x14 inch framed chalkboard center stage (made simply by using chalkboard paint on plywood and a frame found at a thrift shop) and with hubby's help just arranged my other choices around it.
(Hubby hung them all - otherwise it would look a mess.)

Thought I would share some of the details here...

This frame I found at my parent's house, leftover from their garage sale.
It was silver so I painted it with turquoise spray paint.
The adorable 'You Are So Loved' print can be purchase here.

I painted this frame, found at a thrift shop, as well as the chalkboard frame, with the same paint we used for the trim throughout our house.  I love it because it is super bright!  The 'oh, hello dear' print is actually a greeting card purchased at this cute shop.  It didn't fit the frame so I simply put brown kraft paper behind it.  I find if you are trying to decorate inexpensively and want to fill a cute frame you can find creative ways to do it!

The photo of baby Fin was one I took when she was one month. (pardon the glare off the glass!!!)  I really like it and used it because she is wearing pink and I wanted to bring a little more girlish pink to the display.  The Jesus Loves Me plaque was given to us at Cormac's baby shower and I thought the color went well and that it added something different amongst all the frames.  Plus, we sing it every night before bed.

Here is another frame with some interesting detail to it that I found amongst the rejects of my parents' garage sale.  Again I spray-painted the heck out of that baby, added some picture hanging wire and baby clothespins (since it had no glass or backing) and voila!  A spot for a pic of me - super preggo with the little one.

The 'Keep Calm' print is a greeting card framed in a very inexpensive white ikea frame.  Then I put my favorite ultrasound picture of Finola inside another glassless frame I had for forever that I painted turquoise.  The turquoise owl print is (also in an Ikea frame) is from this Etsy shop and was purchased before I had Cormac.

So there you have it!  I have more projects going on in her nursery - which I think will always be a work in progress - and I will share more soon!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful week!


  1. Gotta love gallery walls!!! I need to get motivated to hang a bunch of stuff in Mack's room that has been sitting in a pile for quite some time.....

  2. love this especially the you are loved print. such a nice addition to her room.


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