Friday, January 3, 2014

january 'no sweets' challenge : check-in #1!

I've decided to check in on Fridays on Mondays with those participating in the January "No Sweets!" Challenge. were the first couple days???  Did anyone fall off the wagon immediately?  Even if you did have a slip-up -- no worries!  Start over again!  You can do it!

As for myself, I've never been much of a dessert I cannot imagine how it would be for a "sweet tooth" like I know many of you might be.  (The 'No Dairy!' month will definitely be the hardest for this girl. I need cheese!)

However, even two days avoiding candy, dessert, and even sweetener in my coffee was interesting.

Not horrible...but not super easy, either.

- Went grocery shopping January 1st and did not buy anything that qualified as a sweet.
- Packed up and put out of reach anything in our kitchen that was a non-perishable candy/sweet.  Out of sight, out of mind, folks!
- Had a 'dessert craving' last night after dinner.  Instead enjoyed a second glass of wine. doesn't qualify as a 'sweet' right?

So for those that are cutting sweets out of their diet this month along with me, what have been your struggles so far?  What are your coping strategies?  Has it been easy/hard?  What are you substituting for your sweets?

How do you FEEL?  I think that is what I really want to focus on with these challenges.  Not necessarily the number on the scale, but how cutting out specific elements of our normal diet can make a positive impact (or negative???) on us both physically and mentally.  I think we will all feel better in both aspects of our lives.  Which, in turn, will help us look better.  YES!

I have also read that cutting out sugar can benefit your skin - clear up breakouts and even skin tone.   Added bonus!

I strongly encourage keeping a journal throughout the experience and sharing what you are doing with others -- it really helps hold you accountable and it is nice to have someone cheering you on!  :)

Let's do this, ladies!  (er, and guys!)


  1. I would love to take this challenge with you but I know there is no way I could make it through January. I have a horrible sweet tooth! I have sort of given my own challenge to myself to not eat out at all this month (other when we are gone on a few trips this month) which sounds easy but I realized how often we eat out when I looked at my cc statement the other day. It's such a waste of money for sub-par food! Good luck with the rest of the months!

  2. I think this would be so hard!! I try to be pretty good but in general I need some sweets during the day or one after dinner.

  3. I've made it so far....besides an accidental handful of animal crackers. ;) Whoops. Wasn't even thinking.

  4. i've probably eaten 12 little debbie christmas tree cakes since you started your challenge. yikes :)


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