Saturday, February 1, 2014

january no sweets challenge : recap!

One month of no sweets = complete.
Okay, not exactly "no sweets" as I will admit I cheated a few times.  There was that cupcake after the baby shower.  There were the three dark chocolate truffles that one night.  The three mini-Airheads I ate and then instantly regretted.  Probably a couple other times.
I don't feel particularly bad, though.  I still made a lot of positive changes throughout the month.

1. Saved money - didn't buy any ice cream or cookies to have at the house for daily sugar fixes.
2. Transitioned back to drinking my coffee black...tasting the coffee instead of a bunch of sweetener dumped in.  I feel so much more "pure."  Plus, I drink less coffee.  Went from three cups/day down to 1-2.
3. Lost 2-3 pounds.  Since I didn't cut calories officially and was not trying to lose any weight I am pretty pleased with this.
4. Am inspired to continue being aware of sweets and cutting them out for the most part.

I do not intend to give up sweets completely/permanently, but I do plan to continue to make conscious choices to keep them at a minimum.  I am going to continue to exclude them from my weekly groceries...and only consume them on special occasions.  Birthdays, showers, date nights, etc.  I don't think a piece of cake every once in a while should require me - or anyone - to feel guilty.

Buying a package of Oreos randomly and eating most of it in one day is a whole different story.

How did you do this month???

+ + + + + + + + 

Moving on to February's challenge:
No Fried Foods
In talking to friends, this one doesn't seem like a big deal to a lot of you.  Most have told me, "I don't eat a lot of fried foods!"  Okay, good.  If this is true than maybe add something else to the challenge?  Or maybe you might be surprised at how many things you consume that are battered and then made crispy and delicious cooking in hot oil???

I do eat fried foods.
My weaknesses?
I love French Fries.  The greasier and saltier the better.  Dipped in ketchup.  
Oh, and fried chicken.  Yep, I will eat that crispy, horrifically unhealthy skin off with wild abandon.
Fried rice?  Yes, please.
(In fact, most of my favorite chinese take out is most definitely fried.)
Donuts - yep, fried (unless specifically labeled otherwise.)

Yes, for me this month will be a challenge.

+ + + + + +

I'll leave you with a pic of my darling Finola in the deliciously adorable tutu swimsuit I tried on her, gearing up for for swimsuit season...

It's a keeper.  I am melting.

In fact, I think it will be one-pieces for both mama and baby this summer.  I haven't worn a one-piece since I was fifteen, but perhaps it is time to transition?  Mine won't have a tutu attached, though.

Or... maybe this "no fried foods" thing will be helpful enough to keep me in a bikini...???

Good luck to all joining this month's challenge! 
 I wanna hear your fried food indulgences and how you will avoid them...
as well as your 'no sweets success stories!'


  1. Congrats on Jan! :) And on to February.

    Goal, smoothie / oatmeal / fruit breakfasts....healthy lunches with veggies. And yoga 4 times per week. (That one is a maybe.)

    And one pieces are so adorable (and sexy) now. :) Very vintage. My goal is a bikini....but maybe a high waisted one? Just so not a fan of my belly button anymore. Why oh why did I ever get it pierced? They should have warned me what it would look like after babies.

    I can't wait to see Maggers in her swimsuit. Hehehe. Anything more adorable?

  2. You are amazing! Seriosuly. I don't think I could ever go that long without sweets!

  3. I am on week 2 of a detox so I feel you on the sweets department, as I don't want to change our lives completely I serve ice cream to the kids and tonight really really wanted some lol. The detox is really restrictive though so I really want coffee for example, too! If you're cutting some stuff out but want a little bit of the sweet/good stuff taste I found that Quinoa cookies are really good (we have them at Costco here...) and its made with dark chocolate chips. Also there's a coconut milk creamer for your coffee that hubby is enjoying, no milk no soy non GMO etc. good for you! :) good luck with the next bit of your challenge and good work!!! it's tough.


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