Friday, May 30, 2014

the renovation : from a kitchen to a family room (in progress!)

As with all other rooms in our home, the "future family room" (as Cormac refers to it, in his adorable lisping toddler voice) is not finished...nor really anywhere close to being fully-functional as a 'casual gathering spot/media room/play space.'
(aka we have no TV in there...and no place to set anything.)

But...there is progress!  
(*one arm raised in the air victoriously*)

This has become one of my favorite rooms.
Why?  The light.
I love (crave, need) natural light, and after a lot of drama involving contractors and the local historic association, we were finally able to install French doors with a transom above in the back of our home, letting in an incredible amount of natural light.
Another change we made is that we installed new wide-plank hardwood floors (there was nothing salvageable underneath the checkerboard tiles.)  We did the same reddish stain and varying widths that we did upstairs.

Oh, and painted.  A grayish-white called Montpelier Madison White (Valspar)

This was the room when we moved in, back when the home was two units.  I definitely always envisioned it more as an entertaining space, not the kitchen that it was at the time.


just ignore the backyard...that is the next big project
Yes, the room is pretty bare but I love the start we have and am excited to get the other half of the room painted and continue adding things that will make it feel more "home-y" -- if that is a word.
For those who are die-hard Ikea fans like me, yes that oversized New York City photo print featuring the Flatiron Building is the one you've seen as you stroll through the store.  It is gigantic!  You can't beat the price ($129) for wall art of that scale, despite it being a bit floppy (it comes in a roll, of course, that you have to assemble onto some plastic rods.)  Both Hubby and I always admired it on our Ikea trips, but never had a place to put it.  We both have taken numerous trips to NYC and, like most, are in love with the city, and the Flatiron just happens to be my favorite building (I have other prints of it in our home.)

I even have a fun "Flatiron" story.  I was visiting a friend in NYC when I was in my early twenties, and I was kind of obsessed with making sure I saw the Flatiron Building.   Well, we never saw it and never saw it.  Then one night we end up on the subway at 1am. Not exactly the best time to be on the subway.   There were some creepy guys in our part of the train yelling things about various body parts.  I grabbed my friend's arm tightly, and basically told him we had to get off the train that instant.  Clearly I had no faith that he could save us from any predators. (Sorry Sam!) So he immediately obliged and we got off at the very next stop...which just so happened to be right smack in front of the Flatiron Building.  When I got to the top of the steps exiting the subway and gazed up at it I knew God had put us on the right train after all.

It was serendipitous. 


...that is the progress on the family room.  I plan to post soon on the dining room, but we are waiting on a light fixture.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Really beautiful. You have an amazing eye for color.


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