Thursday, August 7, 2014

//minnesota trip recap//

the farm I grew up on is within that cluster of trees
When my car hits the gravel roads and the view you see in the photograph above meets my eyes I am typically rejoicing...and in major need of a nap.

That is because I have been in the car since 2am and driving solo nearly non-stop for 12 hours.
(Hubby usually joins me only for a few days at the end of the trip due to, ya know, having to work.)

I always try to start our annual summer road trip to Minnesota as early as possible so the kids are sleeping for at least half of it.   This year we were in the car by 2am ready for the journey, and the kids fell promptly back to sleep as I drove into the darkness.  That is how I survive the long ride -- I get about five hours of silence.  

Bliss for my ever-racing mind and introverted self.
I love driving 13 hours!!!!  (don't worry - car is parked for this one.)
Then they wake up and we stop for breakfast.  A McD's big breakfast plus hot cakes feeds the three of us and we run around a bit before resuming the journey.
fin climbing up slides in her pjs at a rest area
This year was the easiest drive yet.  Still long and tiring, but at least we now have a DVD player that entertains the kids for a decent portion of the trip.  I remember my first trip with Cormac when he was only just turned one -- it was basically an agitated scream-fest unless I was singing to him or he was sleeping.  I sang A LOT.

The drive is worth it and I do it gladly because I rarely get to see my family.
I pretty much look forward to this trip all year long.

Plenty of memories from this one, as always: 
  • meadows full of milkweed and monarchs
  • wild gardens in the woods
  • the window seat
  • sipping wine at a local vineyard with my dear friend rachel (and our farm play date!)
  • piano jams with the kids
  • baby-kini
  • high school girlfriend reunion in minneapolis!
  • my daily run around the trail
  • bold raccoons
  • barn wood organization 
  • cormac going potty on the trail
  • backyard dinner with julie and jeremy (and mack and maggie!)
  • narrowly avoiding a speeding ticket
  • unexpected date night with the hubby at one of our old grand ave haunts
  • drinking wine with my dad
  • the last night campfire

went to a local vineyard/winery with my long-time friend rach

I am a complete geek for skyscrapers/interesting architecture, and this one outside my minneapolis hotel window made me feel like I was transported into the movie Metropolis.
foshay tower in mpls

the kiddos played every day until they were completely exhausted
both cormac and fin looooooved wrestling each other and jumping on all the beds in the house
the playhouse 'elevator' was a big hit with cormac
popsicles were a favorite treat in the humid weather

place I went to lunch with my mom on our shopping date
this salad was so, so good

he was kinda obsessed with this 'sand cake' he 'baked.

this was the first year he would get on the tire swing!
riding on grampa's shoulders down to check out uncle spencer's garden
what is fun about this photo is that she climbed up in there herself.
stopping for breakfast and play in chicago
being in the car that long makes them a bit crazy!
Then it was over and we were back in Kentucky.  
Which, despite my love for MN, feels more and more like "home" every year.


  1. Ahhhh......such lovely photos. And it was great seeing you guys! Wish we lived closer!

  2. Loved all the photos Greta! So many wonderful memories made out on the farm. It's great that you guys get back there every year. :-)


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