Thursday, January 29, 2015

girlie things.

I never knew how much having a girl would affect me...
....having a girl who is apparently just like me.
Sure, she looks a lot like I looked at her age...
blonde, curls, blue eyes, stocky build.
But more than that, we have a lot of personality similarities,
from what I hear from my parents, photos and home movies that I used to pore over, observations from my husband, 
and my own memories of being a tot.
She's an introvert - she loves her crib and is totally fine playing in there by herself for a while after waking up.  (Cormac has never been this way - he wants out and to be around people as soon as he wakes up!)  She loves social interaction for a little while...but you can tell when she reaches her limit and all she wants is Mama.  She has perfected the stiff-arm if anyone gets in her way of this.
She is a total button-pusher.  She knows exactly what you don't want her to do and will purposely do it and watch your face, while smiling a mischievous smile, for a reaction.  Most of the time I find this amusing, but Cormac does not.  Whenever he wants to be left alone she laughs uproariously and tries to hug him and wrestle him.  I remember tormenting my little brother, as well as my older sister, just like this.
I would say that I have seen the light as to how annoying unwanted hugs are...
but I knew it back then even back then
That is what made it fun!  
We make the same facial expressions.  The "piggy-face" I constantly made as a kid she has down perfectly.  She also has her "intense look" (or "RBF") when she is concentrating even mildly, which I am known for.   I often get mistaken for "angry" and "serious" and even "stuck up" because of my facial expressions.  So she has that to look forward to.

She also loves all things girlie.
Her favorite activity (besides annoying her brother) is playing with my jewelry.

We recently reached important "hair milestones" with her first ponytail, a teeny tiny one, and first pigtails!
kinda pathetic...but I'll take it!
piggy tails!  (ignore the fact that she is eating toast...on the couch...)
 She also is enamored with fingernails.  Not only does she not mind at all having them trimmed, but she brings me nail polish, always bright pink, and says, "paint" in a rather bossy tone.  I happily oblige and she stands perfectly still while I paint each tiny nail.  Then we both blow on them to dry, and I tell her to "wave 'em like you just don't care!" and she waves her wet nails deftly through the air and it is honestly the cutest.  Just love how serious she is about not messing up her 'manicure.'  
check out those pink nails!
eating cake together.
Anyway, we have fun, us girls.

(And Cormac.  it should be pointed out that Cormac also loves playing with my jewelry and having his nails painted. I steer him away from the fluorescent pink, though.)


  1. Hahaha. Mack also likes having his toenails paints, but hubby (every so nicely) steers him away. hehehehe. Maggie also loves having her toenails painted. Haven't tried the fingers yet!

    Hahaha. She does look exactly like you at that age! Funny. I need to have my mom send me some photos of myself at 2 so I can compare.

  2. Finola looks more like your baby pictures the older she gets. At this point, I don't see a lot of Ford in her. Maybe Cormac grabbed all of Paul's traits as he was swimming in that gene pool. Hope to see you all soon.

  3. Wow, you two did look a lot alike as little ones! I am very jealous of the girls. Three boys. THREE BOYS!!! GRRR.


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