Monday, January 5, 2015

stitch fix : new year's fix!

A New Year -- a new Fix!
If you know me, you know I love Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service that costs you only $20 per use -- which gets applied to any item you decide to keep.  It is really fun if you like getting a "surprise" shipment of hand-picked for you items in the mail, trying them on in the comfort of your own home with all your own other clothing and accessories, and just using the provided mailer to easily ship back whatever you don't love.  You give them all your personal style info, measurements, price range, and even link them to any Pinterest fashion board you might have...then they send you your Fix whenever you schedule it.  That is the service in a nutshell -- click HERE for more details and to get your own Fix!

My requests this time around were pretty specific : a peasant blouse with embroidered detail, a bright scarf, a lighter-weight, non-furry, green field jacket, something involving neon yellow (sweater, blouse, scarf - didn't matter) and a buffalo-plaid shirt or vest.  Again, no pants, dresses or accessories besides the scarf.

So here we go with the goods...

#1. Hildie Layered Knit Top (by State Side)
This white shirt is completely my style. 100%.  Slouchy, the layered look, neutral.  LOVE!  Sorry, but I had to bring out my aviators even though, no, it was not sunny.  (Actually, it was windy and slightly rainy - doh!)  But this is how I picture this shirt -- carrying into the spring and being something I can wear even in summer on cool days with shorts.  It is so soft and lightweight.  The price point is a bit high for what I feel it should be...but after scouring my favorite stores/websites all weekend for something similar, but cheaper, that I thought would be just as soft/comfy/flattering, but to no avail -- I decided it is a KEEP!  I will simply wear it every day just to make up for the splurge. ;)

#2. Redhouse Striped Hooded Sweatshirt
My expression in the second photo shows my disappointment with this top.   Even though I like a comfy style, I thought this was WAY overpriced for what it is.  I do love stripes, but I did not like the pocket on the front in any way.  I mean, I am not trying to accentuate my bit of "perma-baby belly," thank you very much.  Plus, I think this would be cute if I was 73, not 33.  You know, one of those cute little grandmas who is really active???  Down in Florida, power-walking in her cute little lightweight sweatshirt at 6am?  Okay, so sending back.

#3 Winifred Removable Fur Hood Anorak Jacket (by Ark and Co.)
Does this coat look familiar?  My last Fix contained a very similar one.  The differences are : this one is lighter-weight, a bit more form-fitting, less expensive, and has a removable fur trim for the hood (clearly I removed it for these pics.)  These factors make me really, really like it.  It is also more of a raincoat on the outside, rather than a super-soft and fluffy parka...which I feel can transition into spring.  The lining is a satin leopard print, too -- really cute!  Keep!  (I've worn it every day since getting it.  Literally living in this coat now.)

#4 Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf (by Octavia) 
This scarf was bright and colorful, as I requested -- and sooooo soft!  Like a flannel blanket! Hubby thought it was cute, and I liked it fine;  however, I just wasn't struck by it.  I guess I have just gotten really picky when it comes to scarves, so I am going to abandon my scarf request for now.   I am having trouble articulating my vision.  Or I don't know what my vision is.  Maybe next fall?  Sending this one back.

#5 Torrey Henley Button Top
Well, this was not the "buffalo plaid" I was I thought it would be an actual flannel shirt.  But, to be fair, I didn't really specify that it should be.  This was more of a linen, and interestingly had no collar.  The tab-style, 3/4 sleeves were interesting.  I actually liked it and debated keeping it!  I played around with different looks and it is pretty versatile!  A little boxy, but a belt and/or sweater helped with that.   In the end I decided to send it back because it is simply not the style I am going for.  I would have preferred a more classic, collared, flannel rugged plaid shirt (ooh, maybe with leather elbow patches!?)  But again, probably too late in the season for all that.  Sent back!

Even though there was no sign of any neon, or what I was envisioning as a peasant blouse, I was pretty pleased with my Fix because of the two items I loved!  My stylist really nailed my style with that white shirt, and I am thrilled to finally have my army green jacket!  The rest weren't too far off. 

I am still dreaming of the elusive "Keep All" Fix!

Anyone else had one???  Anyone else in love with Stitch Fix?  I get nothing from Stitch Fix for writing about my experiences, but if you were inspired by this post at all, use me as your referral by clicking here and signing up!  I get a $25 credit if you do, and if you refer anyone and they get a Fix you get that same incentive! :)  I have several sweet friends who used me as their referral and it really made my day!!!

Well, that is it for fashion until my next Fix!  
Today I am back to my normal mama routine,  and will probably be putting away Christmas decorations until spring rolls around.  Had an awesome holiday season, but am actually ready for some structure and normality around the house.  Anyone else feel me?  Am I weird for being a bit burnt out on "fun"?  

Hope everyone going back to work today survives the first day back!  


  1. Although I am super sad that the kids are back at school, I am ready for healthy eating...and getting rid of stuff....and all things...January. It is negative 25 here with the windchill....So need to keep occupied. ;)

    Love the clothes. My Stitch Fix is Fabletics. Ok it is nothing like it. ;) But really cute (quality) workout clothes! I am hooked.

  2. OMG I am obsessed with stitch fix. My last one... I kept 4/5. It is too much fun. Like really. It's getting me in trouble.

    1. Oh man -- four out of five?? Jealous! How often do you do it? You need to post your stuff on the blog!

  3. I have gotten two fixes so far and I've kept 5/5 for both boxes. I debated on one piece from each box, but my friends helped me pair each questionable piece with things I already have! Gotta love having stylish friends for this unstylish me :)

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