Thursday, April 16, 2015

stitch fix : spring fix! (a near "keep all")

Okay, so I think I found a stylist who "gets" me.

Yes, I have a personal stylist.  No, I'm not fancy - I just love the online styling service Stitch Fix...
and recently received my sixth Fix since last August!  I don't have a huge clothing budget, but what I do have I want to make smart + fun decisions with.  Plus, I'm a busy mama of two little ones and when I get free time I no longer want to spend it scouring the malls looking for the perfect piece for my wardrobe.  So I started using Stitch Fix and haven't looked back.

I usually keep 1-2 items from each fix, and all have become my most favorite items in my wardrobe.  I can personally attest that everything I've kept has been high quality and worth the extra dollars I spent (as opposed to my usual Target, F21 or TJMaxx finds.)  

Here is what I got this time around... 
(and yes, that is my tripod and our dead Christmas tree in the reflection.  Don't judge!)

#1 Robbie Jogger Pant (by Level 99)
ignore my twisty bra strap, please.
I LOOOOOVE these pants. I requested olive green cropped pants, and my stylist picked the perfect pair.  I am not sure why they are called joggers (the draw string?) because I would never run in them, but they are a really comfy linen blend and the perfect length.  I love cropped pants in the summer to show off cute shoes!  Of course I adore the color, being a total olive green fanatic (always have I am glad it is on-trend!) These comfy crops were a KEEP right out of the box!

#2 Novalli Split Back Tank (by RD Style)
This tank is totally me.  Might seem boring to some, but I adore the heather gray of this 'muscle tank', but whats more the back is really fun!  Ignore my 'nape of neck snarls' on the photo and focus on the lovely split-back detail.  I specifically asked to be sent something with an "interesting back" and Hillary nailed it for me.  It is sexy but I can still wear a bra!  Hurrah!  Also I feel like I could dress it up with my pleather pants or these black skinnies, or go casual with distressed denim and some bright, fun shoes.  The beauty of neutral pieces.  Keep!

#3 Troy Drape Vest (by Kut From The Kloth)
I requested an olive military vest, and when I first saw this one out of the box I was skeptical.  I was hoping for more of a "cargo" look, and this linen drapey style was not it.  But then I tried it on with a few different things and loved it.  So make sure you try everything on and try it with different pieces from your wardrobe before rejecting one of your stylist's choices for you!  I have lots of neutral tanks and t-shirts that style well with this - an easy look with jeans.  So - kept it!

#4 Geno Halter Blouse (by Skies are Blue)
I had requested a halter top, and something with bright pink (which has always been one of my favorite hues to wear.) While this is a halter, and it does have a navy/pink pattern...I was hoping for something more pink! Solid pink, perhaps.  I love the style, but just wish the pattern and colors were bolder.  Plus, I look pasty.   Return!

#5 Leda Shift Dress (by Lavender Brown)
This dress was the deciding factor on whether to "keep it all." (You get a 25% off discount if you keep everything in your Fix, so at least one item ends up being free!)  I wanted so much to love it.  If I loved it I would have kept all because I thought the halter tank above was cute enough to keep, despite not being totally taken with it.  I was fascinated by the colors and print of this dress - sort of a funky, watercolor look.  So unique, and the turquoise bits made it particularly appealing.  The back detail was gorgeous, so that swayed me a little towards keeping it.  However, while I had specifically requested this style of dress (a shift), upon trying it on I realized it does not suit my figure at all.   I think this works best on someone very narrow and thin.  My broader shoulders made me look like I have shoulder pads in, and any curves were hidden in the straight cut.  Sent it back!

So, while I didn't keep it all, I kept three items that I know I will wear a lot and fit my personal style.   I feel pretty confident requesting Hillary to style me again!  She responded to my requests really well and clearly was able to figure out my style aptly by checking out my Pinterest fashion board that I link to my Stitch Fix profile.
Wanna give your wardrobe a boost?  Try a new style but don't know what to pick?  Don't have time (or don't want to use your precious free time) to hit the malls?  Seriously - try Stitch Fix.  If nothing else, you will get some "happy mail" and a few days to mull over the five items sent -- then just return what you don't want in your mailbox with the free shipping envelope provided.  The only cost is the $20 styling fee, which gets applied to anything you purchase.
If you decide to try Stitch Fix I would LOVE if you used me as your referral -- just click here on my referral link and set up your account.  I get a $25 credit if you use me as your referral, and you get the same for whoever you refer.  It's kind of awesome.

TIP - Even if you are not a blogger, take photos of yourself in the clothing you are sent - it can really help enlighten you as to whether to keep or send back!

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend! 
(a bit early - isn't it Friday, yet?!)
I'll be, God-willing, running 22 miles.
And working on finally posting about my recent road trip with kiddos to Minnesota!


  1. LOVE the vest. Favorite piece. And the material and back detail of the dress you returned. I know how it goes, though. You want to love something so much, but no matter how much you tilt your head, it just doesn't work. ;)

    And loving the haircut. :)

  2. Ohhh I really like the dress on you!! :)

  3. I absolutely agree with all three things you kept!! You and I have similar taste, so I may request your stylist next time. My sixth box should arrive tomorrow, but I've never kept more than two things! Still just waiting on "that" box. :) PS - Found your from the SF review site and am so glad I found your blog!


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