Saturday, July 18, 2015


Last week Cormac turned four.  Wow.

I sit here reflecting on the last four years.  Four years being a mother. They have certainly changed me forever.
Sometimes I look at this kid and I am blown away.  Kind of like the first time I met his father. Something in me said, Wow - there is something about him.  I guess it is genetic.  His blue eyes crinkle up like his dad's hazel ones with each infectious grin and laugh.

Cormac is my sensitive soul, in-tune to all my emotions, and the first to try to put things in perspective for me.   If I am in a bad mood and grumbling around, he says quietly, "Be calm, mama.  It is okay." If I am sick he says, "You can have one of my stuffed animals to snuggle with."  He is a master at bringing me out of a funk.  But he himself is quite the emotional creature, too!  Joy, anger, sadness, and laughter burst out of him like firecrackers.
yes, he looks like his dada.  but yes, he also looks like his mama...
He is also a master manipulator, and says some crazy stuff that leaves you either speechless or shaking your head while stifling giggles, because it is so ridiculous.
He loves movies and singing.   I am hoping this is not just a four-year-old thing.  Recently we watched Labyrinth together and bonded over Bowie.  I used to watch old movies and musicals all the time with my own mama, so I hope he also looks back fondly on these moments with me.
does your child enjoy your wearing your accessories, too?  I think it is normal. :)

He also loves guns and "shooting."  This is not my favorite.  I don't like guns really - at all.  I try not to be a total spaz about it, knowing it is perfectly normal for a little boy to enjoy toy guns.  Secretly, though, I am hoping he grows out of it.
He loves babies.  Adores them.  Asks every day if God is going to put another baby in my belly.  I gently try to tell him that there is a strong possibility our family is complete, and he always responds optimistically with: "If God wants you to have another baby, you will, Mama!" Oy.
He says the most beautiful prayers.  And sometimes the most silly.  But I love that he always wants to "make one up."  I am hoping he continues to want to talk to God, every day, with such passion.
He is still pretty hypersensitive  - but to less of an extreme, it seems.  Automatic toilets and the sound of the blender are not his favorites.  He still hates having water on his head or in his eyes.  He swims really well in the pool, but still hates chaotic splash parks.  He is still my spirited child, sensitive to sounds and textures, and having various other idiosyncrasies, but that spirit makes him magical in so many ways.
We took our first family beach vacation this year, and it was a hit with Cormac!  He loved playing in the sand, and even enjoyed the calm ocean.  He declared he wanted to live at Nana and Pop Pop's condo, so I am assuming we will be making this an annual excursion.
my biggest fan
definitely a climber!
His favorite holiday is hands-down Halloween.  All things scary are exciting to him.  While I have never cared much for this holiday, I love to see his excitement for it, and how it rubs off on his little sis.
always a stick to find and claim as his own.
he is really easy to make laugh and get to participate in general silliness.  
his first pre-k christmas program went, um, okay.  this bing-crosby inspired look made his mama happy, anyway!
Cormac declared this year that he is going to be an engineer (and a pastor, and the Hulk) and he honestly does have a passion for anything that has parts and requires physical manipulation and "figuring it out."  He likes to assemble elaborate pulley systems using any kind of rope (string, ribbon) he finds.  I never know what I am going to find attached to a string or what toy will be hanging haphazardly around the house.
children's museum fun.
the kid loves puppets and puppet shows.
the boy version of doc mcstuffins
Has severe anxiety about water in his eyes, but he really likes jumping and climbing high!
He is still my most reluctant, yet peaceful sleeper.  His afternoon nap is legitimately starting to wane.  I don't think he "needs" it anymore, but I will try to have him take it for as long as possible!  After that, enforced "quiet play" which I am hoping he is capable of.
He loved his first camping trip this year.  I think it will be a lifelong passion.  Well, at least the fire-making and marshmallow-eating parts.
Holidays and birthdays get exponentially more fun every year, and with each kid.  This alone has me considering a third (when I am emotional and hormonal and not quite thinking clearly.) It is fun to shower them with special things and let them plan the day and bake them cakes and see them help each other open presents.  I adore it.
While they do bicker with each other incessantly, these two blondies also adore each other to the core.  My heart melts on a daily basis at their affection.  (You know, intermingled with kicking each other in the face and regular "take down moves.")
All siblings cuddle when watching TV, right? 
We don't do parties every year for both kids, but this year was Cormac's and we had a little pool party with family and friends.  Here is one of our whole fam that cloudy, humid day, and I think it is pretty typical of us.  Particularly Finola sticking her whole hand in the cake.
this seems like both forever ago, and just yesterday. 
Grateful for the last four years as a mama to this little guy.  
He never fails to challenge, astound and humble me.

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  1. Ahhhh, so sweet. Yes, those little guys sure melt our hearts, don't they?!?! Happy 4, Cormac. Mack already tells people he is almost 5. SIGH. ;) I can't believe Kindergarten next year!!! (I think? We still have that big decision.) What are you guys doing?


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