Monday, September 12, 2016

a new school year.

Today Cormac starts school.  Finola tomorrow. Official Pre-K and 3's.

Cormac's not really nervous.  Or excited.  As always with school, he tolerates it fine.  None of his little friends from last year will be in his class this year, so I'm a bit bummed but he seems totally okay with it.  He proclaimed over the summer, "I'll probably like the new friends better anyway!" My prayer is that he is not so hard on himself, he learns to laugh at his mistakes and be gracious and positive when he doesn't come in first.  Oh, and that he doesn't get bored and check out mentally, discounting things just because he isn't interested in the subject matter.

This year is extra-special because both blondies are in school.  Fin starts and I am not at all worried about her either.  She is pretty bold and adaptable.  My only concern will be her inevitable role as 'class clown,' and am hopeful that she learns to temper the jokes in favor of paying attention to the teacher and being kind to her fellow little friends, rather than stiff-arming them if they try to grab a toy from her or giving them a mean mug if they mess with her.
They are both unique little ones, and I am so excited to see how they both learn and grow this year.

+ + + + + + + +

I won't lie - I am pretty excited for this new chapter.  Three days a week where I get a tiny window of time to myself during the day?!?!?!   The cleaning I will do!  The coffee I will drink!  The blog posts I will write!   Well, in theory.   So much to pack into that little window!

Especially since we are in full-on project mode around the 'dream home.' Hubby is laying pavers in the backyard (finally!) and I am moving furniture all around and re-imagining different spaces.  I also plan to do "actual work" such as caulking and painting the trim in our bedroom.  Okay, at least I will prime it.  I leave all actual painting to Hubby.  I'm the worst.

If you are on Instagram you can keep up with daily projects and randomness on my daily IG Story!  I really like this feature, and if you can tolerate my really low voice and random bursts of loud laughter you can following along with daily goings-on there.  (@modgardengirl)

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