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stitch fix : neutral fix!

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Have you ever stopped to consider what your personal style is?   Maybe you've always known since you were young.  Maybe it has evolved over the years.  

As I look back on my own "style evolution" I keep coming back to the same thing : I look and feel best in simple, comfortable neutrals - with a bit of edge.   I love a white v-neck t-shirt...with some leather pants or amazing jeans.  A simple gray tank top -- with an open back, paired with denim and super high stiletto heels.

My signature "bar look" in college was almost always jeans, with an embellished white (or black, or gray) cotton tank top from Express.  Remember the ribbed kind that were popular for forever, and still sort of are, but at that time they would put beads and sequins on them to make it more dressy?   And heels. Of course.

Anyway, while I love an occasional bright pop of color, I would still, at thirty-five and a mama,  describe my taste as primarily "edgy neutrals," rather than "bright + preppy" or "bold boho prints." 

So in order to beef up my capsule wardrobe for fall, and stick to my personal favorite look, I requested that in this Stitch Fix I get all neutrals!  

I love the pieces Hillary picked for me this time around.  A good mix of styles, and a pair of jeans that finally weren't skinny jeans (which I can only wear so much.) 

Here is what I got...

#1 Kailie Marled Swing Knit Top (by Bobeau)
This was probably my favorite item from this Fix!  When I first opened my box I marveled at how soft the material is - and I really liked the blush pink color intermingled with black and brown and gray thread in the print.  I guess that is what "marled" means...and I like it.  The top half is fitted and very flattering - plus, I think that a 3/4 length sleeve always makes your arms seem leaner, which is a plus!  The bottom half is loose yet still hangs nicely - and, as I mentioned on my IG Story unboxing video, this top will be perfect to wear for a holiday much room in the tummy section. Obviously this was a KEEP!

 #2 Fynn Tie Waist Striped Cardigan (by Market & Spruce)
I specifically requested a cardigan that is belted that I could wear in the fall in lieu of a jacket.  I was expecting more of a solid that could go with anything, but I actually really like this piece.  The stripes are unlike anything else I have, and are neutral heaven!  I can wear this with jeans or leggings, belting it for a dressier look, or leaving it open for casual everyday "momming."  Perfect with yoga pants and comfy pants and booties!  (Come on, you know you've passed yoga leggings off as "real" leggings.)  This cardi was a keep! I have worn it at least five times since I received my Fix a couple weeks ago.

#3 Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean (by Dear John)
So my last couple Fixes my stylist sent me skinny jeans.  If you follow my posts you know I am not a huge "skinny jeans gal."  I think they are cute, and as evidences by the top photo, I own them and will wear them on occasion.  But I tend to get cranky after wearing them a few hours.  So I was super happy that Hillary sent me some looser, straight-leg denim this time!  I wanted a dark wash that I could wear cuffed.  These are very comfy and fit with my mostly casual lifestyle.  I can throw them on with flats and a tee or sweater and be ready to go!  Kept these jeans, for sure!  Are you sensing a pattern with this Fix?)

#4 Nerman Off-The-Shoulder Top (by Laila Jayde)
If you follow me at all on social media you know I kept this top.  I am pretty much a sucker for the OTS trend.  Some women love their legs and wear short skirts, I am more of a "shoulder gal."   I like this top for a night out with friends or Hubby.  The color is listed as "brown," but to me it is more of a deep eggplant, which is one of my favorite colors to wear, especially in the fall.  Here I styled it with my high waisted flared denim (from this Fix last year) but it could pretty much go with any of my jeans.  I wore it within the first week on date night and have no regrets!  

#5 Alania Pocket Front Cowl Neck (by Emily Rose)
When I first put on this sweater I was really skeptical.  It is super huge.  I am normally averse to large baggy tops.  I initially referred to it as my "cat lady" sweater, as I kinda felt like it was frumpy.  (No offense, cat ladies!)  Then I tried it with some leggings and booties, and then with some skinny jeans and heels, and I found I could offset the bagginess enough for it to be flattering.  Ya'll this sweater is so cozy!  My kids love snuggling up against me (like cats) in this sweater.  I like that it is long and the pockets (perfect for cat treats) are a nice added touch.   So I had to keep it.  Plus, I was keeping everything else, so basically, with the 25% off "keep all" discount,  I got it for free.  Hurray!

So here are my top three reasons for loving Stitch Fix...
1) It makes my life easier.  As a busy mama of two little ones I really don't care to spend my limited free time shopping at malls, traveling to obscure boutiques, or scouring a bunch of websites to find the perfect piece.  Someday I will have time to do that again - but right now I need some help!  So with Stitch Fix I can stay on-trend and get my fashion fix without having to leave my house.  I can try the items on in my own time (you get three full days to decide) and I can give the returns to my friendly postal worker to mail back for me (with the return envelope provided.

2) It is FUN!  I love getting "happy mail" that involves fashionable pieces picked specifically for me!

3) It is personal.  You pick the day you want it to arrive.  Your style profile is made by you.  You give your personal stylist (yes, a real person picks out your items) feedback which they are responsive to.  You decide what type of items you want to see in your Fix.  You can choose "all pants" or "no accessories" or "some shoes" -- it is not completely random.  If there is a trend you want to try, request it!

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, start by completing your style profile by clicking the link below...
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I hope everyone has a wonderful week - finally Election Day has arrived!
Let's pray for the candidates and for our country!


  1. Where is that long grey sweater from?! I love it!

  2. Very cute, this is a great fix! XOXO The Pink Envelope team who is addicted to Stitch Fix!!!!


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