Saturday, July 24, 2010

front steps of my 'hood

I tend to get up obnoxiously early.

Even on the weekends.

So this morning at 6am I took Colbie for a stroll and I couldn't help notice the lovely things people place on their front steps. Like these little guys...not sure what they are. Not roses...more like maybe a cactus? Either way, it lured me in for a shot.

Then I saw these pots and was inspired by the colorful simplicity of the look. Even the mismatched pots seems to flow together to create a cute, homey look. I am terrible at container gardening, so I am always in awe of those who make it seem effortless.

Nothing says "Welcome!" like a red front door. Unless you put pots of plants in front of it. Then it says, "Do not come in!" But in a nice way. Or at least a pretty way.

Yes. Those are Crocs. Used as planters. Not my favorite look, but these folks get points for thinking outside the box. About Crocs.

Nothing incredibly extraordinary about this one, but I do like the flow and the differentiation of leaf color and pot size. Sort of guides your eye along the ascent to the porch. Or something like that.

Pretty sure I was Asian in another life. I LOVE asian-inspired decor, and these Buddha statues guarding the front door make my heart pitter-patter. Or want to drink tea and meditate. Either way, a good feeling.

That's it for that 'journey through my 'hood.' There will be many more of these to come, as I have a pretty darn inspiring 'hood.

And I walk a lot.

Hope your Sunday is peaceful and inspiring as well!


  1. I love the first pic. Very artistic.


  2. Thanks Roske! My favorite of this post as well. Every once in a while I stumble upon a great shot. :o)


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