Monday, July 26, 2010

poor black-eyed susan, poor tired me!

I am working third shifts now. Well not right now.

Though I am tired. Right now.

Not too tired to share this photo of beautiful Susan, though. Black-Eyed Susan. Not a huge fan of this particular flower moniker, at least the "black-eyed" part. I guess that they can't all have sweet names like Jane Magnolia or exotic like Azalea. Anyway, Susan seems like she is everywhere lately, always planted en masse creating all kinds of gorgeous garden drama.

Susan, though battered, is beautiful.

And I, though exhausted, am awake.

It seems unnatural to be sleeping when the sun is shining, and there is so much I could be doing! Hanging picture ledges in my office, painting an accent wall in my bedroom...


Laundry...or not.

Guess I'll go drink some warm vanilla soy milk, snuggle in bed with my book, and hope my mind will slow enough to find some zzzz's.

Happy Monday to you -- good "night"! :o)

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