Friday, August 13, 2010

home again

"Where thou art - that- is Home."
Emily Dickinson

We have arrived home from a week of vacay with my family in Montana. So many memories, such a beautiful time. Still, it is so nice to see my dog, my bed, and the familiar comforts of the home we have created.

As always, I have come back from vacation revived and with a million new ideas for my life and home.

Lots of time on planes and during nap-time to read magazines, write, and dream!

I tend to dream big and then get overwhelmed when I cannot seem to get much of what I have planned done. So I decided to go easy on myself this weekend. My to-do will simply have three manageable tasks. Well, in theory.
  1. Finish one of the three novels I am currently reading: Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett and Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I am excruciatingly ADD when it comes to novels. I always have at least 3 on my nightstand.
  2. Replant my hydrangeas (right now they are dying in their poor little clay pots!)
  3. Complete my bedroom mini-redo (just got my new West Elm duvet in the mail and luuurve it!) This will likely include various trips to my favorite haunts: Pier 1, Home Goods, and Lowe's. Probably Lowe's at least 5 times.

What three things do you plan to accomplish this weekend? And does anyone else go to Lowe's as much as I do? I swear, that place has some sort of addictive agent pumped in through the vents.

Speaking of, I am off to Lowe's right now! :D

Hope everyone is having a relaxing/productive Saturday!


  1. you've inspired me to do a redo too! And noone will be around to tell me "no"! lol. Happy shopping and decorating! luv ya~Reb

  2. You must have more than a "by marriage" link to Steve, that man can spend more time a Lowe's than anyone I know. HOURS

    Harely had a great time with Colby. Glad you are home safe.


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