Monday, August 16, 2010


After agonizing over what cheesy name to give this blog post {chrysanthemum's the word} {keeping mum} {i love my mum}I decided on the simple, but to the point, "mum-tastic." Because that is how I feel about fall.

Yes, I said fall. Yikes.

I know it is hard to even think about fall in this sweltering sweatbath of summer heat, but when you start seeing displays of mums at the grocery store, you may as well get out the hay bales, the colorful gourds, and order a spiced apple cider at Starbucks (so, so good!), because fall is just around the corner.

I might have a mum fetish. They are gorgeous, full, mounding perennials that are inexpensive and come in lovely autumn leaf colors: red, gold, orange, and purple. I couldn't resist grabbing these fiery red ones at Lowe's (only $5 each!)

The next time you are at the grocery store, farmer's market or on one of your five trips to Lowe's this weekend, you might want to grab some mums. Refresh your planters. Plant an array of colors in a flower bed en masse. (PS: If you plant them in your flower beds they will come back next year...but not until it is actually you must be patient. My mum plants from last year have been huge, bushy green plants since May... still waiting for them to bloom!)

Wishing you a marvelous Mumday - er, Monday. :D

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