Tuesday, August 17, 2010

on your nightstand

I would never ask what is in your nightstand (oh so private!)
but I will ask, in the spirit of finishing up the accessorizing stage of my bedroom redo:
what is on your nightstand?

Here are some perfectly lovely inspirations:

I've been way to0 tired this week to shop (a first for me!) so the weekend will hopefully be one filled with shopping and finishing touches on our tiny bedroom makeover... flea market here I come! :o)


  1. I had to laugh at this - because there certainly is NOT a bowl full of moss on my nightstand! :-) However, I will let you in on what's on it at this very minute. A phone. An alarm clock. A wooden bowl (for jewelry). A glass of water. and a GIANT tube of chapstick.

    But then, I suppose you'll never see my nightstand in a magazine... :-) M

  2. First off I love reading your posts. Second, I just have a small flat screen TV and incense on my night stand. =] but I am sure yours will look lovely!

  3. I think I might knock over all of those vases when trying to shut off my alarm. My nightstand is a DISASTER! Glass of water, vitamins, lip gloss, lotion, kleenex, and about 50 baby books! I don't know how I accumulated so many!

  4. A good reading light is always at the top of my list. What ever book I am now reading. Alarm clock/Steve and I each have our own. Lip balm, kleenex. Those are the constants.


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