Sunday, September 26, 2010

{leaves crunching underfoot}

Today was one of those days I just reeeeeallly did not want to take my dog for a walk.

I was elbow-deep in projects and planning {okay, and napping and reading} and my bundle-of-energy goldendoodle, staring at me, tail wagging, desperately needing attention, sort of threw a rock in my spinning wheels.

I finally gave in to his laser-beam puppy dog eyes following me throughout the house, grabbed the leash and out we went.

GORG-eous fall day!

So, thank you, Colbie love, for getting my butt out of the house...and for sitting patiently on the sidewalk while I snapped the above photograph, as well as this lovely bumble:

Here is my own adorable bumble, bright orange Halloween leash and all...

PS: How do you like my new fall inspired blog-look?
Doesn't that foamy cappuccino makes you want to snuggle in a cozy sweater and walk to the coffee shop
{leaves crunching underfoot}

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