Monday, September 27, 2010

old stuff + black spray paint + cute ribbon = cheap halloween fun

Somehow I convinced my "sleep all weekend, only pause for football and food" husband to get up at 6am Saturday morning and help me clean/organize our dungeonous netherworld basement.

Six hours later I emerged triumphantly, spiderwebs in my hair, a wild look in my eyes, clutching...

two silver candleholders!

a metal door hangy thingy!

a piece of scrap plywood!

You would have thought I had found a pirate's chest full of gold coins! Actually, I had found some old stuff I thought I might be able to make into Halloween decorations. My main tools were: black spray paint, black chalkboard paint, and orange Halloween ribbon I found at Michaels.

Here are the candle holders. The silver is actually lovely, but for the life of me I have never been able to make these work in my home.

So I spray painted them black! Lurve!

Here is the cream-colored metal door hanger. Not sure where I got this. Or why. Or where I would get another.

So I sprayed it with chalkboard paint, tied a piece of my cute Halloween ribbon around the top, and presto chango:

I decided instead of a door hanger I would hang it on one of my front porch flower basket hooks. Used chalk to write "trick or treat." The best thing is that I can change the ribbon and message whenever I want.


{I get excited about the little things.}

Now onto that piece of scrap wood. I have no "before" picture for this one. Just imagine a plain, 16 inch long, 1 inch thick piece of wood.

Sanded the edges and added some picture hanging hooks to each side (since it was a heavier piece of wood.)

Painted it black (of course.)

Staple-gunned a piece of ribbon to one side:

Used white acrylic craft paint to freehand the wording...

And there you have it folks...

A "spooky" sign!

See what you can do with old crap treasures from your basement? Saved myself a trip to Goodwill...and cash on Halloween decor.

Would I have loved to have just gone to Pier 1 and bought a bunch of fancy {gorgeous} Halloween decor? Yes. But...must stay strong!


PS: I am linking this up to Frou Frou Decor's Fabulous Friday the button below to check out more cute ideas!

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  1. Martha Stewart has nothing on you! :-) M


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