Saturday, October 16, 2010

I love a room with an accent {wall!}

Who loves color? Oooh oooh me, I do!

Yeah, I get rather excited about a brightly colored wall. If you don't believe me just check out my very bright dining room!

Unfortunately, many of the rooms in our shotgun-style house are pretty small, so dark colors are definitely out. Unless....

...I do an accent wall!

So that is exactly what I decided to do in our current bedroom. It has the perfect wall for an accent color. There apparently used to be a fireplace there, which I wish longingly was still there; however, when a previous owner did renovations the fireplace was removed and was replaced with new drywall. However, it still juts out -- making it the perfect little accent wall:

So it is really just part of a wall which I thought would be easy to paint over in case of disaster, right? {in my house there are occasionally "paint disasters..."}

And there was a slight disaster. The paint I chose is metallic paint (bronze, Valspar.) Tip: follow the instructions the nice Lowe's paint employee gives you in that handy dandy brochure {that I, um, completely ignored when I first tried to do it.} I was much too impatient and schlupped both layers as fast as I could -- I was so excited!

Then I had to go back to Lowe's and get another can of the top-layer to redo it...and that stuff ain't cheap, folks. In paint terms, at least.

After my second go round I was much more pleased! Here is my new accent wall, all shiny and new!

I added my West Elm wood block ledges, and moved my stone candles from the guest bath to create a simple, modern, organic look.

So here is another look at the before:

{just another cream-colored wall}

And the after:

{shiny, modern, new}

So I didn't exactly go "bright" or "dark"...but I definitely went "unique," and I love it.

Has anyone else played around with metallic paint? This was pretty much a wild-hair design decision -- but I'm glad I tried something new!

Have a blessed Sunday!


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  1. oooh...I love this too!! I've never used metallic paint, but this makes me really want to. I like that you took a random wall like that and turned it into a feature that's really special. Well done! Love it!

  2. You might not away follow the directions, but reading them first is always a good thing. Sometimes what seems so obvious, just isn't so. Believe me I speak from experience. Your bedroom looks like it is really coming together. You are so creative. Have a great week.

  3. Nice transformation you did there...

    I bet that was just a start...


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