Thursday, January 6, 2011

{attempting to focus} : my new camera!

For Christmas I received a gift that I have longed for, wished for, dreamed of for quite a while...
...a digital SLR camera!

My husband's parents gifted me the fabulous Canon Rebel XSi (which my wedding photographer had recommended to me as being her pick for a humble beginner, such as myself.) I just might possibly have the best in-laws EVER.

I love it and feel incredibly blessed!

Sadly, for the past two weeks I have had a awful flu/cold, so actually figuring out how to use the camera has been low on the priority list.   Not that I didn't try.  
One day, lying on the couch in a Tylenol stupor, I was reading a book I bought at Barnes and Noble (B&N to the those who know) that revolves around how to use the Rebel.  I was seriously geeking over this book!

Then my dog came over...

He was curious about what I could possibly be doing besides playing with him???
{Please forgive his nasty mouth. We bath him, really.}

Well, I was reading about focus...

...and then, being unable to, um, focus I was obliged to pet my precious pup...

...and his nasty snout.



  1. Oooh!!!! You will LOVE your camera!!! We got ours as a wedding present, and absolutely love it. Honestly, I really don't even know how to use any of the cool functions on it, but it still takes GREAT photos!!!! :)

    Feel better!!! Being sick and preggers SUCKS!

  2. Will you be using your new camera to capture shots of your growing belly week by week???? :-)


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