Monday, January 3, 2011

{decor dreams} two thousand eleven

I like to dream big.

Now that I'm pregnant and spend a ridiculous delicious amount of time napping {I completely adore you Baby for this!} I also spend a lot of time dreaming and planning various home design projects...

Here are my Decor Dreams of 2011:

1.  Baby's Nursery!

It will go in this space...

This is one of the Jack and Jill bedrooms on one side of our 2nd floor.  We currently sleep here.  I have so many cute plans...but we will have to wait and see if we are having a boy or a girl. 

So, when Baby sleeps here, where will we sleep?  That brings us to #2...

2.  Master Bedroom Suite Redo!

This is the room we will one day sleep in...
currently the guest suite.
Pretty boring!

  • Going to revamp with:   New wall color! 
  • Our modern bedroom furniture, adding a few pieces.  
  • Rip out carpet and refinish hardwoods underneath
  • California-style closet design
  • New window treatments.  Thinking bamboo shades...bliss!
  • Dual vanity -- I we need more counter space!
  • New tiled shower.  With rain shower fixure.  Uber -bliss!
  • Updated floor tiles.  Something more spa-like and less, well, white.  Yech.
  • I better stop dreaming there...that already sounds like more than we can handle!
3. Finish my photo wall!

You can't really tell, but these three photos take up a very small portion of a very large wall as you ascend our steps.  These same three photos have been all by their lonesome for the past year.  Honestly I have more pictures and frames...why is it so hard to get them up there?!?!  Oh yeah...I have a beautiful little being sucking the energy out of me sharing all the nutrients I lovingly scarf down. :o)

Okay, enough dreaming for me...for now!  

What are your decor dreams for 2011?



  1. Oh, yes, yes....House projects...Hehehehe. ;) I think Jeremy thinks his wife has turned into a madwoman! I have so many things that I want done before baby comes! (Basically cuz I know that nothing will get accomplished after. ;) Good luck!!!

  2. Your picture wall will be full in no time.
    Between the new camera and the soon to arrive new subject, I have no doubt.
    I think I have told everyone I know about your wonderful Christmas gift, what a great way to share your news.


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