Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{top five: weird cravings!}

"Have you had any weird cravings?"
This has to be one of my top-asked questions since becoming pregnant.  (Well, lately it has been: "Are you having twins?") So to answer this very pressing questions, I have compiled this handy list of five food items that have been crossing my mind a lot.  No ice cream and pickles.  Mostly just really fatty, really greasy foods...which I suspect is my bad karma for eating annoyingly healthy for the past 2 years.  
The things I used to love (salmon, veggies, rice, coffee) have been replaced with more, um, high calorie grindage.  So without further ado...

1. Corn dogs
This is weird, considering I avoid meat and corn dogs contain God-only-knows-what kind of meat.  However, I have ate corn dogs for dinner at least 4 times in the last month...because {right now} they are just darn delicious.

2. Rainbow sherbert
Ice cream really isn't doing it for me.  Nope.  But rainbow sherbert?  OH YES.  That perfect combo of lime, orange and raspberry...e-gad gimme a bowl right now.
{so good}

3. Sugary chinese donuts
Okay, so this was an instance where I forced hubby to get me some -- asap!  I usually only eat these on rare occasion at super-unhealthy chinese buffets, but one night we were ordering Chinese and I had to have some.  So that was all I ordered:  one box, containing 10 sweet, sugary donuts.  Ate every one.


4. ANY donuts!
I had all but given up on these sweet treasures!  But one day, while driving home from work, I just had to have one frosted, sprinkled cake donut.  There is still frosting on the steering wheel to prove it.

{happy things}
5. Blueberry pancakes
Okay, this one required a special trip to the grocery store last Saturday morning for a carton of yummy blueberries {healthy, right?} and some real butter {not the calorie-free spray stuff I usually use!}  Then my Hubby, who happens to make THE best ginormous pancakes ever made me a plate of yummy, juicy blueberry pancakes.  Mmmmmm just writing about them makes me crave more.... {cue Homer Simpson-like drooling.}

So those are my top-most crave-worthy items for the moment.  I am really hoping to start craving some veggies soon!

So Mamas...what did you crave while preggo???



  1. My dinner of choice was a tuna fish sandwich and spaghettios. Brett thought it was a gross pairing but the boys seemed to enjoy it!

  2. Oh girl, enjoy eating the sugary, greasy treats guilt-free! When you're preggo, people think the bigger you are the cuter you are! I loved chips with mayo. :-)

  3. Hahaha! Why the question of twins..just wondering. ;) Cuz EVERYONE is joking with me that we must be having twins....

    Mmmmm....I'm hungry. I was the same as you. Hated healthy food. Then Jeremy gained 7 pounds, and he's started cooking healthy for us again. ;)

    Eat lots! I am! :)

  4. Mmmm if those are pregnancy cravings, then maybe I should take a test because I crave that stuff allll the time, LOL... OK well maybe not corndogs, hehe! It will be interesting to see what I crave when that day comes. Enjoy it while you can :o)

    PS - have you really given up coffee?

  5. Haha Greta, you made me laugh out loud! Eat up chicky!

  6. I love donuts and blueberry pancakes.
    When I was pregnant with Jenna, I was slow to gain weight. After each appointment with the midwife where she would say, just keep trying to put on some weight, I would have a chocolate milkshake. Not the kind you get a McDonald's, the kind made with big scoops of vanilla ice cream, milk and lots of chocolate syrup. and then on the way home I would buy glazed donuts.
    We are so happy for you.

  7. I've just had a lovely catch-up of your blog. Can't wait to see all your projects. That's quite a list you have!

    And congratulations again on your baby news.

    I had the weirdest cravings when I was pregnant with my twins. For lunch I used to have half an iceberg lettuce and some raw penne. Weird, I know!!



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