Friday, January 14, 2011

{anthro dishtowel art!}

I love to wander through the store Anthropologie.

I write "wander through" and not "shop at" because I cannot realistically afford to shop there.  Occasionally I buy a book.  Or a candle.  Or a dishtowel.

I write "dishtowel" because that is what I bought today.  I couldn't resist!  As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it.  {No, not dry dishes.  Definitely not.}

I wanted to frame it, and put it in our {future, beautiful, re-done} master bedroom!  

Sounds weird, maybe.  But with a very excited burst of inspiration I plunked down $18 and felt like I was committing robbery!  $18 - expensive for a mere dishtowel, scandalously cheap for art!

Here is the towel, listing the traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries:

I immediately felt it might make a cute little bedroom art piece.  The Tiffany-blue and black on white linen color scheme is chic, the design is pretty, and I found the concept rather romantic.  {Plus...nice reminder for hubby as to what he might shop for each year...}

Now I needed a 16x20 frame.  I envisioned simple and black, to go with our modern bedroom style.  However, frames can be pricey (even at Target I would end up paying $30) so I was off to Goodwill.

Here is what I came out with, for $3:

Yes, this is very ugly, goose print, circa 1986; however,  is a sturdy, simple 16x20 wood frame!  So I removed the horrendous print, washed the glass, wiped down the frame and sanded it...

...painted it black - using paint I already had...

...ironed the dishtowel {shhhh...don't tell my loving hubby I can iron!}...
Even the dog looks amazed I can iron!

...and voila!

um, might have to re-iron 

Lovely little art for only $21!  This will go in our new master bedroom suite (not on the hamper, like in this photograph)...whenever the master suite actually gets done.  The walls will be a pale gray...and can you guess what my accent colors will be?

Well, my creativity is sapped for the day!  
Time for a nap.


Happy Friday, blogosphere!



  1. Hello lovely,

    It looks really lovely in that frame. What a great idea for a piece of art. Ooooh, grey sounds lovely. Can't wait to see. Isn't the planning bit lovely?


  2. What a great crafty idea.

  3. Oh, I love it! What a great idea! Anthro is so out of my price range, and I love their knobs and dishes! You made a great "art" find!


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