Monday, February 7, 2011

{tears and flutters and onesies} oh my!

So we still have no idea if we are having a boy or a girlie...

but Baby got a sweet gift on Sunday...

his/her very first onesie!

{Hubby went to the University of Kentucky and is a passionate Wildcats fan.  I am too, um, sort of.  I get into it on occasion!}

Dear Nana and Papa, 
Thank you for this very cute onesie!
Love, Baby

Speaking of, did I tell you the other day I got teary-eyed while looking at onesies?

Or while I was watching the movie Juno?  Okay, I was literally sobbing at one part, teary-eyed at five other parts.  Moral: Do not watch the movie Juno while pregnant.

Or do.  If you like sobbing.

The part I was sobbing at was when Juno goes into labor and the whole family is rushing to the car, and her stepmom nearly forgets Liberty Bell, who is still in her cute little ballet uniform.  No freaking clue why that in particular made me start sobbing uncontrollably.

Hormones, people.  Lots of them.

{ps Not naming my baby Juno.  Or Liberty Bell.}

Other fun pregnancy news:  I think I felt my first "flutters!"  I have felt this several times over the past week.  Either that, or it was just gas bubbles.  Again.

But this felt fun, sweet, fluttery gas bubbles!

I'm not crazy.

Just pregnant.

Which is different.  Sort of.  :)

Happy Monday!



  1. flopping around. My favorite part of pregnancy so far!!! I am always grabbing Jeremy's hand, and putting it on my tummy.

  2. Feeling the first flutter is always exciting! I can remember feeling my first flutter and thinking it was gas too. lol! Just wait until those kicks become stronger, then reality really starts to set in. I still think you're having a little boy, but time will only tell. Either way he or she will be loved unconditionally with tons of hugs and kisses:) However the waiting and anticipation is driving me mad. Find out!


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