Friday, February 4, 2011

10 things to love about pregnancy {plus 1 bonus!}


1. No more weekend mornings spent hungover. Nauseous 24-7 maybe...but hangovers are worse, right? Riiiiight?!?!

2. When you do something stupid at work, you can always blame "placenta brain!"

3. You have an excuse to buy new clothes. So what if they're maternity? They could also double as next Thanksgiving's post-feast garb.  Plus, at least now you don't need feel awkward browsing around the maternity section of Target, muttering things like "Hmmm these maternity jeans are ca-ute!"

4. When you and your husband are starting to have a fight, all you have to do is look at him with tears welling up, rub your tummy, and sniffle, "Upsetting me will only upset the baby." He will hug you and forget whatever the dumb argument he was about to make was.

5. Baby names become an interesting date conversation. Hint: Let him think he has some control over this decision. Try not to dry heave when he suggests weird names that will get your kid beat up, like "Sly" or "Soothe." 

6. Whenever you hear someone's kids screaming in Target, you can smile, rub your tummy and think, "My kid will never be like that..." as you delusionally browse for cute high heels you'll probably never wear again.

7. People like to feed you. For the first time you do not (and should not!) feel guilty accepting food from anyone. It is for the baby, after all.

8. Whipping out a package of Saltines and hurriedly eating 4 in quick succession mid-conversation with someone is suddenly not rude. Or maybe it is, but you don't really care.

9. You save money on belts.  They have become an irrelevant accessory, as your waist is now a nonexistent body part.

10. Speaking it is considered kosher to spend all day with your pants undone. Sure, this fact is disguised cleverly by the genius invention called a "belly band," know.  Pants.  Undone.  Yep.

11. Suddenly someone kicking you sharply in the uterus is a beautiful moment.  




  1. Ahhh... you have felt him/her kick! So exciting! Did you find out the sex yet? Are you going to? I am so excited for you. Being a Mom is the best!

  2. I just want to say I <3 you! :-) M

  3. This definitely wins funniest post of the week for me! I love it.

    Especially the one about the argument trick. I will *definitely* be trying that next time.

    Next time? What am I saying? You've got me all broody!



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