Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{there will be books!}

I love books.  
The feel, the look, the smell -- the complete and utter escape you experience when being lost in a good story.   It is only natural that I have a not-so-secret hope that my unborn babe also loves books.  

As I plan the nursery, whether we have a rambunctious little boy or a girlie girl, I dream that baby is surrounded by books placed on pretty shelves, like this one:

 Or perhaps with books that have adorable polka-dots and flowery patterns on their bindings, like these:


Maybe there will be old, lovely gems with titles like Dancing Star and Elizabeth Captive Princess {can you even imagine the tales?}, tied with a gorgeous white ribbon, like these: 


I've been slowly building my "kiddo library" over the years.  My recent additions are these pretties from Anthropologie:

The rest of the books are not as pretty.  Some are old and tattered, and were well-read throughout the childhoods of myself and my three siblings.  I cannot wait to read the same stories my dad would fall asleep reading read to us.

More nursery additions to come...including...
the crib!

Can't wait to share our fabulous Craig's List gem!

Time for me to go fall asleep reading read.



  1. Love you, G! <3 M

  2. Ohhhh....That was so cute, Greta. You are a good writer. :)

  3. ;) Sorry. I didn't realize that you had to approve comments. I left 2...that were basically the same. Hope all is going well with the pregnancy!


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